Enjoyment In Libraries With The Candid Pencil of David Friedman


Enjoyment in Libraries with the Candid Pencil of David Friedman presents candid sketches by the Austrian-born painter, portraitist, and graphic artist. A survivor of the Holocaust, Friedman settled in St. Louis in 1956.  While working on paintings that recreated his experiences in the Lodz Ghetto and concentration camps, he would take trips to St. Louis area libraries as a relief from the anguish and misery of his memories. 

Woman With Head Against Hand Reading

University City Public Library, Feb. 4, 1963

Friedman ended up sketching over 100 portraits at seven different libraries from 1962-1967. Over sixty portraits, along with photographs of Washington University libraries from the time period, were displayed in Olin Library at Washingon University in St. Louis from April 7 through July 31, 2014.

Man Seated At Table Next To Book Stacks

Olin Library, Washington University, February 2, 1963

This digital exhibit showcases many of the sketches displayed in the exhibit at Olin Library, along with other sketches from the collection.  The exhibit is arranged by the thematic content of the sketches.

Older Man Wearing Glasses Writing

St. Louis Public Library, Central Branch, January 31, 1963