Viktor Hamburger lantern slides

Lantern slides Viktor Hamburger used in teaching:

Lehrbuch der Experimentalzoologie; experimentelle Entwicklungslehre der Tiere, 2nd ed., by Dr. Bernhard Dürken. Berlin, Gebrüder Bornstraeger, 1928.Dürken was a professor at Breslau when Hamburger studied there. "The subject of Viktor's thesis work was actually outside Spemann's field of interest. It was taken from Dürken's domain. Dürken had reported that when in a young tadpole one eye is removed, malformations of the outgrowing hindlimbs often resulted. A strange affair! But when Hamburger repeated this experiment, he obtained similar results. No satisfactory explanation could be offered for this puzzle, and, so far as I know, it has remained a puzzle to this day. At any rate, on the basis of this work, Viktor Hamburger was awarded the doctoral degree..." [from "Address in honor of Viktor Hamburger", by Johannes Holtfreter, pp. ix-xx IN The Emergence of Order in Developing Systems, the 27th Symposium, the Society for Developmental Biology. 1968.]