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Published as number 20 in P.WashU.I;
Scope note: Here two brothers address a complaint to a politeuomenos Oxyrhynchitou. They have returned from flight and gone home to find a presb action on the part of the official;
1 papyrus fragment 17.5 x 15.3;
12 lines of text;
Imaging and cataloging sponsored through APIS III, an NEH funded project.

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PW 20 – Inv 31
To Flavius Macrobius, senator of the Oxyrhynchite Nome, from Aurelius Orsentius and
Panaclius, both sons of Pataurius from the village Pan..ei of the same nome. Because of
your honorable and good administration we returned from flight to our houses and found
the presbyter of the catholic church of the village in possession not only of them but also
of the land. We therefore with good reason ordered him to hand this over to us and he
was unwilling to do so. Therefore we submit to you our complaint in writing because of
our poverty in order that you, having ordered him . . .


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