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Project entitled &quot;The beginnings of a complex ...&quot; (1976-77) : notes, drawings, photographs
Title Description - From a major developer of the architectural metaphor, a visually compelling mix of drawings, notes, and photographs, highlighting the artist's performance-oriented process of planning and constructing sculptural works, as well as…

Finding St. Louis
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A pedestrian blockade
Title Description - 'A Pedestrian Blockade' was performed on March 11, 1972 by Carolyn Haas, Linda Meskof, and Paul Stitelman at the intersection of 57th Street and Madison Avenue in New York City from 4:45 to 4:50. The work is representative of…

Brandmauer : (murs aveugles)
Title Description - Charcoal drawings of walls in Belin after the adjacent building has been torn down. This book is part of a small edition of drawing books called Oscar Vega, based in Berlin, and Paris. 29 June 2009 (printedmatter.org). Catalog…

Title Description - In 1992, Zurich's Platspitz park--once a 19th century source of inspiration for nature lovers including James Joyce--made international headlines as the open-air home to some 3,000 illegal drug users and dealers. It was…

Industry &amp; me
Title Description - A small, simple book in which the narrator relates her experience with suburban factories and why "factories make good playgrounds." 29 June 2009 (printedmatter.org). Catalog record.

Title Description - In the style and format of a children's hardcover book, Bloch relates the story of the terrible earthquake in Mexico on the morning of September 19th, 1985. Several of the black and white photographs of the aftermath are inset…

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