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Philip Guston's Travels


These are the works created by the painter Philip Guston during his career as a young artist working during the Great Depression, first independently, and then under the Works Progress Administration.


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Items in the Philip Guston's Travels Collection

Drawing for &quot;Conspirators&quot;
This is a drawing made in preparation for a larger painting, which is now lost. Guston was just 17 years old and had recently been expelled from Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles.

Workers&#039; Alliance Center Mural
This mural was painted in the Worker's Alliance Center in Los Angeles, CA, by Guston, Reuben Kadish, and Sande McCoy (Pollock)

The Struggle Against Terrorism
This mural was painted in Morelia, Mexico with Reuben Kadish. Jules Langser was their assistant. They received the commission with the help of David Alfaro Siquieros and Diego Rivera.

City of Hope Murals
This mural was painted in the TB wing of the City of Hope hospitals in Duarte, CA, a suburb north of Downtown LA.

This painting was done in New York after Guston moved from LA to NY, while he was waiting to be put on relief by the WPA.

Early Mail Service and the Construction of Railroads
Guston painted this mural in a post office in Commerce, GA, under the auspices of the Treasury Section, after finally getting on relief.

Maintaining America&#039;s Skills
Guston won this prestigious commission for the mural on the facade of the Works Progress Administration building at the 1939 New York World's Fair in Queens.

Martial Memory
Guston described this painting as his first mature easel painting, created in Iowa City after taking a teaching position at the University of Iowa.

Pulpwood Logging
Guston completed this mural with his wife, Musa McKim. It is remarkable that he decided to take this commission even though he had a steady income at the University of Iowa.

Reconstruction and Well-Being of the Family
This was Guston's last commissioned mural, before moving fully into easel painting.

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