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The map of the Netherlands from the fourth volume of Joan Blaeu&#039;s Atlas Maior.<br />
The map of the Netherlands that you see here was cut (prior to our care) from the fourth volume of Joan Blaeu's Atlas Maior completed in 1642. The copper plate used to make this impression was that of his father's and dates from 26 March 1608. This…

Blaeu Amsterdam Printing House :<br />
Experts at book and cartographic printing.
During the seventeenth century the people of the seventeen united provinces of the Netherlands experienced a period of tremendous economic prosperity. As a water-logged society with few land-based natural resources of their own, the Dutch developed…

Willem Jansz(oon) Blaeu
Blaeu studied under the celebrated Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) and became a globe and scientific instrument maker. He later expanded his business to include map, chart, and book publishing. After the initial success of his marine…

Dr. Joan Jansz(oon) Blaeu
Dr. Joan Jansz(oon) Blaeu's Atlas Maior was to become his magnum opus. With a privileged international audience in mind, Blaeu succeeded in creating the largest, costliest, and most sumptuously decorated atlas ever endeavored. The atlas was comprised…

Blaeu&#039;s Atlas Maior
Despite its great beauty, Blaeu's Atlas Maior was compiled from many outdated impressions including those of his father's and was, therefore, terribly inaccurate. To his audience, this mattered little. They were simply moved by its sheer size, its…

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