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On Her Majesty&#039;s Secret Service
Man Holding Gun at Another Man, Woman in Swimsuit Turned Away

Football Players on Field

Machinery at Steel Factory

Superman&#039;s Girlfriend Lois Lane: I am Curious (Black)! (1970)
Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane: I Am Curious (Black)!was issue number 106 of the Lois Lane series of comics in 1970. In the comic, Lois Lane is a reporter for Metropolis newspaper “The Daily Planet” and is given the assignment to…

Cream of Wheat advertisement of boy in snow being licked by a dog

Speed Demon
Cream of Wheat advertisement with boy on ice skates with dog on icy pond

Salute To Old Blue
Bluebirds by icy bird feeder

February 1921 Boys Magazine Cover
Boy with sail and skates on icy pond

French Ski Reportage
Competitors in ski tournament

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