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Order to Load

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Order to Load


Published as number 101 in P.WashU.II;
1 papyrus fragment 31.2 x 7;;
Imaging and cataloging sponsored through APIS III, an NEH funded project.;
Scope note: An order to load 144 artabs of wheat and deliver to the administrator of a church. The grain represents the amount of a loan now be .

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PW 101 – Inv 286
Aurelius [ ]on, son of Ioseph, meiz(on) of the village < . . . greetings>. I have received
and oe to the most reverent Pamuthios of the church Buko( ?) one hundred and forty four
artabs of wheet, in figures 144 artabs of wheat. Deliver these to the boatman. Do so . . .
at eight artabs each(?). It will be sufficient to receive it safely on the 6th of Thoth of the
5th [indiction].




“Order to Load,” WUSTL Digital Gateway Image Collections & Exhibitions, accessed May 19, 2019,

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