Endspiel - Fin de partie - Beckett's personal copy

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Endspiel - Fin de partie - Beckett's personal copy


Beckett, Samuel, 1906-1989. Endspiel.


Beckett's personal copy used for directing the 1967 Schiller Theater production rehearsals. This was his first solo directorial effort in German. Bears extensive additions, changes and corrections by Beckett to the German text.
French and German language edition of Endgame. Translated to the German by Suhrkamp Verlag.


Beckett, Samuel


Frankfurt am Main : Suhrkamp Verlag


1960, 1967


Verlag, Suhrkamp


From letter to Avigdor Arikha and Anne Atik, August 27, 1967:

   Here to my surprise I’m enjoying it. The weather is fine and I am enjoying wandering in the Bellevue and Tiergarten gardens. Very quiet here, lots of free time, nothing to bother me. Outside the work in the theatre I see no one. … The rehearsals are just about all right. Very good atmosphere in any case. Schroeder a little difficult as expected but not at all the way Leiser would have us believe. Very good-hearted, anxious to do well. Am to work with him this evening on the big “story” in the middle of the play. Bollmann really too fat and graceless, he takes up too much room, but is hardworking (Except when he’s drunk too much Dortmunder the night before). Nell and Nagg excellent, perhaps the best I’ll have had. The little stage poses a lot of problems. I have had to move Hamm from centre stage upstage towards the bins so as to make more room for Clov on the other side.

The Letters of Samuel Beckett, 1957-1966, p. 83-84






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