The impressario : a monthly magazine devoted to music, art and literature / edited by John W. Butler. Vol 02 No 04

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The impressario : a monthly magazine devoted to music, art and literature / edited by John W. Butler. Vol 02 No 04


v. : music ; 35 cm.
Began with v. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 1872)


St. Louis, Mo. : Bollman & Schatzman


June 1873

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A M onthly M agazin e D evoted t o M u sic , L iterature, a nd A rt.

V OL. I I.

N O 4.

ST. L OUIS, J UNE. 1873.


rel:uion a n•l c<l !I< 1ucnce o f lion .uti r lU""C J
t hewori!III'C i rhabtt. ~ut s o w1th t ie r ms
IJ,.,..ofltnst o:~~. c -nlly.alllnt.
w hich musi• pro l iS t hrough t he m ctt,ul1 o f
\ \e,.·anduhark3l<
t ht l rnvdetl m~tl
t he e ar. T hese n~ rhs,an<l tlll"'le alon~:.nf c~cr)
1:;,1: ;' ~,.::.' ,..;:~h:'.:n'~<'a';:;.. ~penes o f humanS< ll'tlCe 11nd l c1fn n g, a rc 1
,,.::;~~~~~~~; 1 1
W<"picloeU 3 1'~1•.1 ol '""'Y frnm , 1.,10 e to , 1011~.
m ediately intclligi!>Jc t n t he yt•unge~t c n il
\ \hid bo..-ednur JWh: o ne wh11e a w euy hill
r heir l>cauty a nd thl·ir utili:r a re a t o nn• p e
Ikf,·at<:<lordo>ur: th~n q ain. • r ill
c ei\ed a nd k lt h1· t he n uht infant tie in ell , t .
In M.:l,ueiS ch~~re<l ut- All~r<'pu ~I anrl~ton<". l ienee w~ c ondudc t hat a child"s ed~.;; t i n


1\•~·~~~:,:~~~-~~i h~~-~';,1 :~~/:.,~;ity,

a nn quo t ionahle ;, r ~H I t u 1arolly 1 0 d e
scrv<"thl n~me,'murnll."
l nstt r! n f t hr•r l wmg 1h goo nt a r o 1 Jll·
a n wlth naturo ·'s intention. a s rnanif, tl'f! l the
phystcaJ r L i m! o f c luldho •n t he) a re o ftcn.,r,
1\"e m'Yht r ather s ay i•:1"t1ri<1/>(r, t he pro :urso111
n t a ' s ncn ) ears o f famine"" t o t hebttlcsutfaa.
a s i t r egards m11~ic. ThDst· gelltle virtues l .
ion~; 1g t ill c hildhood, w hich music. a s a n atural

s hould b egin with mu$i<:, a • b eing l>e.. · t e:l o n trir >ent, ~rn-s s o powcrfu:l)' t o i nngrorate,
i ts necL'SSities a nd appr~hensio,,_ A n.! u·,. hot< ' I' a l : :r H •ropnaung t o t hemoeh·es t he last g ram
1111 di!Uiot ll1otl w ere this cour51; t o h~ a doptt 1, c m uswal wh~at w hich m ay h e ,f,,J,.,t t o t hem
m uch o f t he innocl!ncy, t he unselfish an<i g ene frl>m t he n urst'r)·, a re ht·nr:eforth p amttted t o
r om impulse~ o f c hildhood, w ould 11 1'11 rvo •I i mh Joe s urlt t one a mi templ•r a s t he jarg-on,
a nd inf,tsed i nto t he ~ftt·r t harJ.rter t hro g l t he tl e M nk n d di~conl o f word.; an•\ tl e C lm
c ons:r\'ati1·e infiul•ncc o f t his ·t
m on·p 1ce b u t ic n f life a nd s eltishness m~r e n·
. !Jfusic---fheFirsl E lnnenf o f E duIn a ddition 10 t he a daptcdness o n t he u t o f I ge. d · r till til tt " "ne h aure p~rior\ o f t h
c alion.
music, t here a re f i!)':>U<If r easons o n t h : nl o f c h l d e•nstenr~- aft~r In~ Tll<"ntal anti 1)(){\11)
:!'It' chilo) th;•t, 11-ith t he urgen<y o f r,~, i la1 t , l.tcJlt ~. <J!]'Tnpn:ltc t o t he H I, h ave from th~·
T _'s speci~lly es~ential t hat musical e duca- point t o mu.~11 .as t ht !ir.;t mat<-nal t o h e u i n use b )mt· llnat•t, hlunt~d :mol. d1 a yed, mustc
tton ~hould b e c ommenced a t a s e arly t he s tructure o f h uman "'4hu;;auon. I n m fanq I~ ' gam \'rest:nto:d t o l um. :"\o )flgt·r. ho"·
a p enod in c hildhood as po!'Sible; i ndeed, i f a nd c hildhood t he f:lrultics whidi"" NU~ic rc- e . r. a s t lu rd\~c10r a nti m terpn·ter o f h m~elf­
the im.tntction i~ p roperly s haped, c ommencing, q uires a rc excecr!ingly acti1·e. so·nsiti\'e a nd J•l.ur ~ \'& <!'"!11-Q-u;~ i:;~in<_ij•l• o f :ht· u r-il·crs:for in~tance, with t he discipline o f t he M r, tic. J m/Mii1m i s busy i n r eproducing e 1ery t he . -\lpu ."1rl ( lmega-ol allla~·-\( a s ' 1
o l y-tl · re is hardly d anger o f e rring i n this s pecies o f ~ound w h:rh c omes u ndtr it~ n oti ·e, l m/lt<ml lfls/i,-nifi,.m.:··- <1
"".t I n , us.:"'~!
re'-1 ect o n t he s ide o f , routh. A mong all ' anti w ith a n e xactness , nrl t ruth o f c hararter i t cnou~h t o ;ttfl\lb\' a n i•lle h our t o t h >s th:tt n
h ran -:h.:s o f h uman l earning, t here is n ot o ne s o' in , ·ain essa_1s t o Tt'ar-h in .1 ftcr y ears. \l"hlle t he b e t hus tntllSt:d. h ut n f n o ~t"ne a! ,.; lu_ o p er·
peculiarly a<lapterl _to t he c omprehen>ion a nd ear;~ t hus disf<'Tnin~t:, t he e ye i s also q uirk-the n~anent cnnS("(juew e __t u s <In
_l 11·e-h ! f
rc•!Utrements o f \ :htldhnod as mu~ic. I t h as • f inge" a nd t he 1·oc:tl o rgans a re f lel>ible,ani <hs"''"et.,,l trom t he unt1er~c ''1 " K " ' wo.trt·
t he s ame a ffinitr for t he i nfant mir.rl t hat t he a t- ea~ily m odt·lkd. J n:tV'fllion, al~o. 1, a 1 11
1 n eated r ec1procatmg atom~. n 1ther re• ' " g,
n ;)Ospherehasfolrthelungs,or t hatthenectarof c omtructing r hythmical form'! a nd mclo:li • n orretutmng l t$ J 0 )·1Tl~]' 1 Tlnjt 1111 u ~. TAus
bl<JSSOm~ p osscsses fnr the h ce. I t flows t nto p hrases. l n r elation t r.the t<)rnter, w ho h as n o · n·r , .. , llm"s/.muw;wf,-,f
t he unf<>ldmg i ntellect a s g ratefully a nd a~ r e· n oticerlthe e xtreme deligh1 w ith who··h ci>ildren
freshiogly a.~ d oes it> primitive food i nto t he will SOml'time~ repe.11 t o!'dht:r t w s tl"era\ Trlln·
nntrwl'ftn'R Pn.infin~.
h ody o f t he mfant. C"nlike o ther m ediums o f u tes i n ' llccessimt ~ s tring o f nonsensic:>! ~ylla­
idea. t hechilrlrequirestheaidofnointerpreter b les? \\'ep;oU~·dsurh a g rouptheother<lay·
1 \lllRFrnl. qlle.-1 1>1 t he J t,h ,,s
t o e nauIe him t o c omprehend its i ntention. H e O ne o f th•· n umher h ad disco,·er.~d a ne11·
t iH· T hmd<•hllt n f l 'tm·irg, b ec. ;rst'" n f
ra1ses n o q uestion a s t o the m eaning o f t his o r r hythm, :tn<l himsL"lf a nd r:nonl'.111101lS w ere tn
ls .-1·hnncnt impul~iven . ..5 . . n~: r;tpiduy >f e.\
t hat 11·ord o r s emence i n the musical l anguage. t ensely ahsorhed in t he eni••yment o f d emon- .,, utwn. soar~ ~bovc h1s h rl'lhrc" · t he facult1
As soon a~ tht· s ounds o f m usic fall u pon hi~ stratinf: it. . \Iter wat('hin~o: th1·n1 a \ittlt· 11 hilt-. o l l ""e im;~.gmatinn I t w . s 1 e. t oo. . "-h(,
n .., ln~>~t-l"'t p aq h~binrl " ' g i•·e, a hop<"
\ nd faithful promis~ o f ~«uril)",
''''non~ of~; <•r d~ lhN<'w~re n osoope
F or tru>t in GOO,
hfc w Ne hut a <l~




ca~. it~ pcriorl~ a nd phrases a re u nderstood a nd
tllJOyed. h y h un; anrl w nh a f ar k eener. r ehsh
t han !J} m atnrt·r mmds, whose ~nst\J1hty t o
\fljCI soun•l~ ha.~ l>e<"ome b lunted by n on-inttrr ourse, o r t~e empl<'l)ment o f t heir fanc1e< w ith
~ut1ect~ tes~ har.11onious a nd humani?.ing. ( )n
t h . re-9ehuon Ol n o o ther b ranch o f h uman
s kllf o r kornmg_ d o thcst" p henomena a ttend.
You may, for i nqanre, exhibit a b eautifull'iece
o f p enmanship t o a r hild, b ut h e d oes n ot p er-


ll"l" l eft t hem r epeat in~ togeth~r i n t he m ost l'··r·
feet t tme. t he Hll.oblc~. "~Irk-,.,-(~, k k · r fl.
B.BI," whu·h wa.~ t·ontmu.-d m <On~t.mt ~U< <eliston .1nri m t he s ame u n,·;trpng toOl' a m! r ad ence until " t' w ere n ut u f hc~rrn!(. \ \'l' '111"\t"
t his t~tlc for _the purp,1s1· o t r t·ri h•rin,ll o ur "-ll·a
m ore m tdhgtble
"I h is s uhjert ope1•1 ;t w uk a!lf! mt< re~lln).!
field o f discu!\Sion, b ut o-ur limits im]'el u'i to · '
rondusion-in whirl• we w ii: .:-:.;press o ur r egret


:·~;~.;~~ :~c;:~n l.'~~~~~~~~;l~a~:~~~a::,\ ;~,~~~':0

1,1 hru~~llt h~ht~ a nd lu~unou~ h alt s hado",
and O j•lquc dark 1ws.~,as Ulltnlst.tk , [>]\ a s l keth0\"en lo1 cnutra~ttd r~tvrds T hen· ml':'t h e
s ome o;n>rw fur p oetn m t lw •-oncepiiC>rt. l or a u-

~~\~!~: 1 '~hi\h~ c:;;:"~~~~:H:~,'e 7,;~;·,~~~';~ :~-~~~~e

a nd ~~· okc t he M"er in t he a rti't. o r T inlort·tw
d oe' n ot r i'l' t o hi,; o wn ;~ltitude . \o, " rdingly
"~ find t hat T intorctto, on a brupt c<>ntrast w ah
\·,·ronL-sc. ~.-le<ts hy prek-ren~e t lw mo~1 _tr• g1c

c eive ."S merit~, o r r omprchend i ts utility. O r
e ven m t hat a rt u h1ch bonlen; mo~t clo~cl}' u pon
mustc-you m ay bhow h1m a rare ~pectmen, a nd
h e prt:$ently besieges y ou w ith q uestions a s t o

- that t he teafi_1ings o f n ature a rc g•·n,·rallr ~o ~~e~ ~;:;1 ~1;:::;~,~.~b~~~t1<~r:hat ~.'~~ ~~u:::~::~nt.n" ~h
h ttle c onsulted m .JUI·enile <'dtwauon \ \ e J.r<' 1115 a~-: 01117 ;ng 1 k ill a nd prostrat~: g rnups o l woa ccustomed t o cons1rler th~t a~ t he b . a nd I men s uuk b elo" t he r:net o f ll".lrs; t he tern p ta·
m ost u nimportant whu·h n atun· h Js c onstituted !tOll <•I Chri>t _in t he wildernt"ss. woth i ts p:o~~ton-

t\,e m eamng o f ~b forms an~! t mts. A nd s hould
you h ave occas1on t o explain t hat th1s lS a h on,
a nd t hat a c hurch, y ou are n ext c alled u pon t o
~h·e t he equally i mportant q ueries, "wlrat is a
l uml-wlwl I t a cllur(/r 1" a nd t o unfo4J t he

t he t•llllttfn.:~ m 11, UOI\·erse ol h armony a nril :;~lc~~~-·~.,~~~--~\~ ~;J: :.~\'t~~~~~~~;::' ~~~~~n:~·;
b eauty. : \nd thonr.:h_ m t he o utset ot. '.nfant t~nttJial,on u(.\t!.l~ in Eden~ a lu:.;urivu~ idyl 0 (
life we a re rt>lllf'd/td, m " rlegrec. t o ~ le.,J t o the fa•cmation o f th<: sp1rit o f t he t ksh. ! 'arat he i mp.,rativc demand~ o f thi~ ! aw, yet even tltst:, a tempe~! o t souls, a d nlt o f sailll~ antl at•
t hese lullabies o f t he n ursery u e o f s o u ncouth t;<:b, " ra.intne;,' h ke L llcretlan a toms o f ~;old-




dtt~l in unhc:uns, "1lonl-! t he i llimitable in; tnc' .ttul rlri\t'll h y thL· ,,.],...,ti.1\ whtrl\\'in•l t hat
p~•rturnl t lw ! lli!ITtm:nt <>f t he ~plwrcl ,_ t he r k
s tnu \ ton t•l t lw ' '"rld,m whu h ; tilt h e tountain~
a11<l n 1cr, a nd l.lkcs .1nd o n·ans o l t :trth h an·
fnrmo·•l o ne f<lamtng n \.Lr.wl, tll.tl t hundcNWtth

;L~~c~;~;;:'~;',';\~' 1~~1 i;~1 ~1 '~,.\:~,·1i:!~11 :,1;'";1':,,;~e~',~'~~01 ::r
:.~-s1 ~,~~'1~1:~; :\~~11,ti'l~~:~\"5f~1~:·'1';: /,;~i~:u~~~~~; ';~;~

pl.!j::lll'<>ftlw f1ery st·rpent~--multitude~t'IWOile<l
;tnd 1\nthm,.-: o n a h urnn•g 11a~to· ut ~a111l; t he
~l.lsSIH r c ut t he lnnoo ent~, 11 i th i t, ~!'ilth ot

imprnv, t on--a c ;ust.we ! Jnre o r a J ohn ~l.u
t in ••n t he tMah: <If \ In lwei .\n~clr>: t h•t 1 t ic
wor~t. t hing w e t ·an &ay_ o \ h un.
B ut_ i n t he
f;wtft m tmttons of t he ~pmt. in t he t•llrlltcs :mrl
suhlinutie11 o f t he p rophet-poet', !lnul. m·ithcr
\'t.•r<mt."'c n or ' l'tWm t:an il)'[•W<It:h h im.-/f;...t
t wulrr



T il g g_,·\ O L/S f1 ,..,'T.·Jf: /'.'.
"~'•• A l!ll!. AN ttAIIIIU 1 1.



H TO:O.I T .\ \ I .OH h e ~ ~~ ~ l r
m .•ti,t, h
k ill]• j a frc h an 1 m e

t ing t heatriul


y crin


a t t he



::~);::·:lh!'a~.·;:,~.t 11~::";~ ~::;ens~n:e h;o~: ~~;~i~;

T he .Nor;elisls' A rt.

Iii h ad ~o:i\'t'n h imlt n e for a: tln:li<S, whtch
N O\'LLS e xa!i'e a w on<krful influcn•·e 1 h 11
O\lt'T !1'1, ji.Tt':l\er, prohal•ly, m t he pr~'ll 1 ; :, ·:11 \.~::;~': 'Y ~;: 1 ;,e l:f~~ 1;;~e :>f 1 c hat;;;



~~;~~~~::::. ;~1 ~\;~:'·?~~~;~\~~~';.1~:; 1 '1 h'~1 ·t:;:11~.1~) ~rr ·~'11,:~ :::::,:;1~';,~h;;::.;111~1~1~1\:';~i::h ~~~~''Y11:1'~1::1,;',;:; 1~11e


1.1 ng tht· m t o f t he J 'nnc o r 1 m u k,"
l ..•w t o 'lo5l'~ ; wud d ouds 011 M uuut ! 'ma1-a
l mt f]llt·!!y fqr trUsti rc;!Sons a 1d t ilt' h.: ht•r
" hitt·, e t t.lti<·, li~htnm~-,ulit!t•n 111.111 emt·r~inJ.: <llll'il·nts; t ht·r n ot o nly a dd t o t lw ~turk ut ;tno e o f • lr.un 11, a rt.

~:~~~~~~ ~~~·:;;'i.d~;~~~:~~;~:~;·~~~~:~.e( i~':.'~11:~::~~-;.r~1•;\ ;;::;; ~~~~::;~ ;;:~lll~:~;~~~~n;J~·I~;~:~t.i~./,'t~r ~~;~';11i~::ty {·r;'~t~;·rJ\,,J ; : ::::r~~·,';nl~~\;":;;;ve:d 11,~ 1 ':::.
:~~h~:~·:',lfn;;,~i~ ::::~ ~~~ ~~:~r~:\.l,>lt::::~,~· i I;~~~~~~ 1:1::~1' :~;·•;:~,:::~~:~:.;~~let'::~ ~;:cth'~"::~T~l:llltlati;;;~~~ ';s :~ .~~~c\ ;~·:~:~a~ty\, r~n~·l~: '~~~~u:~~~~:~,:;th~~~

m u t t hl' T rump t hat w;tkt·s .the 1 1t;td: th~-sc
art· tht· ;t\\1111 ; tnd ~nulsnrrmg tht"mt·~ t h.tt
l mtorl'lto h.uulle~ w 1\h t he e;o!ll.· o l m a,tet) I l e
ts_ t he p ol'! ol m hmty a nd p.t~sum; t he l'ro~pem
nl . m h -.mgehr. , \nl'l ; till' l·.;w~t <>I S pmtual
lldl'u~; til~· male~\ It' M <'llt'·]'alnti'T o l : t tlwaTre

M" i l'l)
!'hey lnwl'T o r e levate t he Llstl' o f thl·
n at1on; t hq· enlatjl;l' u ur k nuwkdgcnl h uman
n ;tture; t hq ~how the_ \ lorltl t o u s m m an) n ew
h ghu a nd a spet I _. \ \ e d o n ut 1 magtne th.ot w e
lt'.ITII nnytlun~-t t rnm tht·m ltlSl'rl>ll,Jy_ I L ive
nut mall)' St.Td'l a nd fl;l'rllls <>f n ohle t hnugh\1

l n<'n. a nd 1 \!lhout tl 1 e x It t nn o l a ~artt u
Jar .lt'\llt w huh i~ 1111 Jy
c onpamei b y
sh.on\f'IC!I!I iruhn~n 0 1 , . a s 1 , h 1011 n n 111 w h 1
t he , m tiler ] 'arts .ole I•C fonmc 1 M r '-•i l nr
loim$dl 'llJll"rlll\~nd, d tl
rt--parau. 1 o f t h
J>IJy_ l ie J•rmtc•l I>IJe< Tal •· l i 10n c 1L tmlct,

:~~~:;:g~:"~ ~~~:~11.1 •I' 'j~',:, ;~n;~ !::~~··~:11~)s i:llli:~~t·!;t.~~:::: ~~',1,',1,~~·,1~' :~::n]o,t~\'~-5;;,:';.::~ ~~ ~;; :~t~: lo~~ 11 ~:~ ~~:n,l:~'S? ;;•:~:>T~•r:,~f ~~~~~~.: ;tc;:ii a';,~p~~d ~~;:~h"' n~ tt ~>I
•;!ill~~~~~t:lt~~~ll;l~' :\ll\~·~~~:t·~~~~;~:;~\<:~1\d J :::lr:··,.,;~11:~~ ~~::~··:~:t;~t~~:~~e si1:11 :.'·\lljf,tM~(;~~~~:\~1~:; '.',~~k~~ :~~ ~IC.~I 11'1 ~;~;;~~ c::~:,;!~~:t~; ~r ';~~~~ ~~~~ JO ~ \'" ;!'
;:~,:·~:,:;~11~-IS~ ·~~~~~:~::\ l:~~:~~~p;•l::;~l ':\:~n :;:~iti:L~.:i j~~:~~~,jm;:)' tl;;;; ~~~:T~n~l,/:l~~~gi~l~:~;~o·:;u;' =~h~~- :::~ :~'r7,7~n<:\l~:~·~~ns) .7c~•~ ,~\tel>~~·~lt:~~~~. ~~;~·
tou111 b e • tint d . Llw )1'1 u t 11\'UIJI: " .ltt'T l '"'ht: s nu~;ht lw h y The JUd~-tment o l ( ;,,.1, ( l r 3JI:3111, a lot,· .. ~e .II .an lt.alw.ll 11 p,·r.1 houst·,'' lht) t h
t urth ]>UT<", mr:>.h311 t1hlt-, ,tnd_ l uuptd
J u lu~ h e sh:lw& h ow 1\t',lr t he b nt t hmgl a rc t or"
1.<liHinn ] I
, · '•"·rc 1 0 111 ' ") h ooks o l t h

J~l~;~~.'·:~~>·~·t ":··~·~~~~~;~~::~u~\~,'i::.~~;~··rr::;;;t"';:;:.~: ;;~~:~~.i..1~;;·:nJ';;;~:~~~;;:r 'o';~~~~et:·~;;\~;~~~~~~~~~~~~;~. ~;:~;" ' '' !:~!,l' 1 .,~}11;~"~~\~;'~)~~ ~~,;:~~:11;-5 co ~:
~~~;~~~~~ ::;1 ,;~,:.~:.~ 1 ~;:.\ ~li:~,:; 1 111',J;~;~t::~ 1a',;', 1· ~:.1,;:;;~~ :.~,~:~~·~~t::::l,h~:::~a~1l /,:'.:~:'',•;1 ,11~·s71~~w::;~~~~~; ~~\:~~~~ ~111:111•e ~~~\i ".~ 11 d ~xt n h t. e 11rds ~ 1 .oke
~::::~~.11 ':1.~t,:~·us t,11!";;i~1:~11~:.:~;~•,::la~'11 ~~~~~~~~'.1 \'h~: ! :~~:~~:~\ tt·"~:~:i~~~~::.11 ~~~~·~'1 ::;il~~~~~h~~~~:le 1 ~011~~;~~~;\ \ I r. J
~t<·clo· ' ' Jf'ka)'t' W.lS th•· •· I l am·
1,,n11• l ike Tl>altkn " 1\h ht·r ~now-11 htTt· l amh, t rnm ~ud1 n ,·auons? ( l r t he j.:l'IIIUs u l t he ~~~ : ,' : 1~~,;'"] ~:~TU,•:,e. ~~-~:.t~~~d!.~:~~~ 1~\~.:';~~
~.~~t~~ ,~~~{~::~:~:':;~ 11 ~,1,1;~ttt<llll;1 "~' 1,~,~:;~;~ 1 ,',\':.•:11 :~::; ::~~-~~:~ :~~~i:<~i~~~::/:1 i'~.:·l::~''m~::1~i 1~·,•; 1;1 '~1~,'t~~~~~~~ n It tho pnn< ll>l~•·f IIi~ nw t er .t\ t he St jan1e5



J•T•J•ll 1h.1t tlu·

I~<'T) j-:l'IIIU~ o t

lttMIIt . trthh <311

person~ m ay ,k;1r th.11 socit·ty

' nll hl' undl'rrmn

~~~:~-~-~~~'\~~a~::~:\~:~~ ,:;,1;~~"11 11~~~,:~n:::~lete11:,'.1;': ~~~~:\:~~,1]111 ~~~~.:! ';:;.,\;~~,{.0,111 ~1f1 ::: ~~;;~,~~~·~~~
ItT) th,tll


h i tht· lnt o t t host· 11ho n ukeiJlut


t he t ruth Ml t 'oi1H')t'd



;11 ,~a~~~ :: 1 ~,' ~~{. 11~;~1 1 ~.- ,{;1:~~~~~ere:~llh 1~:~

31 :II> I (

I Itt", n l ,

~·Y h e

l a$ a fine s tage h g·

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(;r.,~t·s <!"l'll. l it· t ould n ut l'·1i11t " ·1"en! h ea\'en h d;rn· t hem? O r t he nnH·h~t 111.1\ u n· Usl 'm~t. \o•. I """ r.
hnol1s, 11oth 11ht1 l1~hh ,tlHI i-:''lden,llllll \r3nllo 'a~inl' tht· wtotl<lllll<ll'rncn C<>nolltTon•, an<l h•lW
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f•-•a·at m ) l l'nc o t • lo.ulow, hkt· t hose o l Bat l h, Tin\ , .j11tnut tht• alii o f ~upnnalucal ma• :1u c o·v~:11 l eatml' " the l 'n·stal l '.tl,ue l l.tmle
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]><l~'<"llc-' t u tulil!,;lllt' m on·melll likl' tl\.tt nt r.ate l latures.null <hli<lmg, 11.,,1 h ll'mhng; TIS·
~~~~~~~~•••lll•v·k Sl>g;· s o t h t t ektn~ts
,\johrmht~ l lu.lting i11 tht• : liT a bo•·e t he loi'Cili, o r m g 1., 1w.IH'Il o r lim k ing t o e r tlo; u tuhk 1., <·l•lll' l k•l t o l mn h · 1 .' !rum t~e · ". I J n
1>1 .\l.t<1<11>1T.I adjllllll!-( ( h rht J l\ th~· \ ',tt,t<h,t·,nr u~Llin tht·mwlv,·~. t ·nher s q •. tr.tle o r 111111,.d, 111 " ,:,. ht· " ;Jit hell 1111' l hft·>mUm<, chc _I )t'I'S
u t t hn~l h>ml ll J ndgmg h ) t he 1 knt IIIIIJ'l" 11) a n ~li<"n " nrld. !"how , lrr ll\l'•t.okl·Tl " ho s up- : 111 u p tl11·•r t ·l.ttlnrm 111 t h, pre•c ' " • •It t he
Ill ills •1>\>llt: .1\li!Luk; the 1\orldl~ pulg<·,at"ho~c p ot' t hat t lw gn·,tt 110,,.]1, 1 h .Hiw• o ther ohj<"• 1 I · >Ult, tl t h•·' . k " ' th<· n ,] st . g · an.J a " l:-t. .
Ullmnal hl' ~t.uuh, o r o l t he t em)'lt·r, r.IT m g 111 1111, h 11111k, h ut'" a mu ... · tht· w ud.i, o r Jh<~.t · " tl ·111 )'TO t l' , ' th<" • h.m~~s m t he lo;.u f. s l l'a
h1, jC""l'lni a rms .tl<llt t u _<l.tuk 1\tth n wrl'ln· h e <lid nor\ iutt'IHITht· h''l"" 1,1 lilt' aTullmmoor tur~s .• ml til<' ~O>>ttLenml'l' u f " i{,,mlct,
' 1ou• ht·IT•· tht· mlp~.llll•n· ( ,.,,j a!Jc,\t' h1111, P r u l t .tht) t n • hi lie thro•ngh tht·m - ll,·mllu h mtral hC'!I · '' ·'I lJ>hl'll.t'~· k t·t. . ne \ISthl,· t o t he <1111T<:
L~t•lc.mmg m nr. t~lll>ll'IW'duttiH'Ilt'lll"!-t·""~' . \n
f llltll,l>i/.,Jf f n,•tll
l hl'n \ lr. l a)lur r eJe•ts t he · •ld
1 f,
t he !.t\.1) u n•, cor ot ~t. \I.>Tk down·ru~hm~,;
'"''."111 o! m.•km~ " ]{,.,nkt r ckr t o t he t "o
t hruul!h thl· .r.or t u 5.1\l' th~ ~J.11·e th.11 t Til'd t o
lmtni.1\11Tt~ 111 t he d u&N St t•ne, wht"n h e ~a
1 , o r o l tht· .\Lu} " ho h.t~ t .dkn a sk·q • 1 \llh
. !Jfar/antl' . 4nna l Jishop.
I "l.o~ .'k t wre. u pnn tlw· p uturl', a• d t hen o n
t ultkd h.ouds 1w111 Ulll'f l':>.hathtloll <•I a gonr a t
thtll, louT h angs t ht· p ortralh o l t he I W) km~""S
The I•J•l1 o l t he 1-r":IS. I t I Ilii d aM' . ttlltudl's, . l 'hc :\~·w Y ork l•:,.tnint: l l·•·ls.tiS ' "_\Ju, h 111'011 t he 11all
n1<nnm·111, ge.tuu·11. t h.lt lirt\<JI\'1\tl 11\,lkt·s t he mteTI''t 1' k lt 111 m u u a1 n rl'l1'' 111 rcjl:.tr<i t o th~
I t ~~ s atd th,H t he 1<-sser char.u;T~"' o f th\.:
h um.m 1•·><1) .111 i nde\ a1ul ~)mlrtll u f t ht· 1•ro1 n >ming coli< I 'll hi<IT<>f \loll<'- .\1111.1 l ltshup, " h'' tr.\~t'<ly \lt'Tl' J•n>l>ahll· n t·vcr kt'1>t U]l t o a n u•n
t"und~st, Ill<~ I tr.agw, mu~t poe\11, mn~t d eli· i a lre ..,t~ til\<; u l tltt· ~re.llt''l o lli•in;; kn1.1lt• ~··nn.•lly n l'dlt.lhle l e1·d th;lll h r " r. T . ..· lor
1 Hms th"ua;;ht .ouol !t'l'lmg ul t he mnH>st 5<>ul. I n tr.tvclt•f . ! 'he to1u, 11 h irh 1 \ ill .,,. " I') , thout \ tcorolm;; t n t hl' I ,<ll!dom l mus, t he I ogie "l11eh
d.1~ hjo(ht 1.111t.uu )' ut n>l<•l, ht· IS surp.o~-.<;d, p er l ilT m omhs, " tll lot'!-:'" ; 1\ " "hlwll, ' 1 i dugan, m:lkt·s it ' enaltu " 111101 3 p lav al't<'d 111 a m uh.IJI!I, t•v \ , ·wrJe"·· I n p t·lll't\ lll.tMl'r) o le•n} w olluu lt1<k I ' ha.l;:u a nd H thn II 6 tt·m t owns, s~um, ;\ 1-:31\t-n, u r a p;~l.u·e, a ntllllt"kt:d h l a e
1"111\011 o f Ill• .111. i n suhdll)· ol t·\~HIIInll, 111 t_;re,\1 S.tlt l .ak,· I lly. ; md til<' ('·tllh>ruta 'lilt'S. ont• l•erhonnt••l i n a t hl'atre wllt"n ~" r alktt, 11
h nn, unll;ll<'llllll: j-:11!' u pnn his sUhJctt, h e ! .lib l 'ht'lht: " me H1 h up " Ill pn~<n•d o n a must• ~till putt"nt am<>ng shoal~ o f L nghshmen a nd
b elow th~~: k •d u f 11\l.m. l luntlrt·tls u1 lu~ ; al C\j>lm.l\lnl\ u l BILLI'h l 'ulumlu.l .11ul \ Ire , \mt'lit;ms, a nd Jw, l ed t o t he ( 'r)stJI 1'.1l.ll'c
I '" tl.llt'S out• l m\\orlh) <>I h i, gt'l\1\l,_hmrt<;<ll) j.:tllt l lw t roupe " Ill 111< l uok, l~<"'idl·stht·prima tho~c " ho a bhor thc:.Jtro·s, h ut <ll'strc I t) k arn
<I 1~1lt'!l, r.IJ>Hll)· <!,u;lwd m , ~ttulietl I•). 1 .Ill< lie· donn.• lrt·lsdt, ~!1. ( ;,lit"' h;o~k, l>.tnt>>llc ( lrrolher S\.llllt'thin~-t lll••re n l nn~ ' '' th~ lll;t.'h'tl>lt"('e~ u l
l tght, .,..1\h loruscp t d h'ch o l iibtwlm:tl ht:h• , md nt thl· ~ll'al ]'l:tmst), ~\1. ( ,llder, l•t,ol\bt, a nd a l·. nghsh llll'r.ottllc. " I h1s d.1ss " · s l.ua::eh Tl'JI·
~h.alo.,.., h,t!.\ll) d aubed 11'1\h tulnr>l t h,tl h<l\'t" I ll'" I· n~o:h~h !<;nor, w hu h;l.'l u nt )'\'\ l>t•t·n h t·.ud rt'~<'llh~t, a nd a ~tt·rn St·nse n f d uty nl11· iou~l)'
n vllt(IOI\the tt·~t ot t tme. l it- 1:1 a j,Pt;"n\11' 1i u th~> r uulllr)."
lpcna~k-oi t he atmo~phcrc.!."-SI. 1-<>UIS y vunwl.



quainted with t he w orth o f t he mu. H~, b ut n:quired t he ••lrnost .tunstant a id o f the p rompter,
" ·hose l wahc wh1,per5 were olisagre<'ahh· ]ou<l
ancl unmu,ical. I t R"<JUirt:d a m ust 1,;,werful
inugination t o s ee t he n oble ca~tlc-wal11 anol
t urrets h igh, t he g •Hgcous p a laces, a mi rich ban<JUt:ting hall~; h ut t he g arden, ( ?) w here

Wotl1UM<:<:ll om



wayw"-rd l (oncnf"d h i• n toth

W•th "'"'"l!""""'l111•l•l•·n g
r he!lltn!OOk" U]X •





. shesufmal<-rnaljn"ion;
rh.....r... a :lhu-ban•ltl""''lhci•l····c

··:-.l'na,ling h erbs an•! Hnwr~t• L righ
( ;li.. ~~ " ''h t he dew .,r ni~c:ht.


h T h llf;w

3t~nw~· ..-,r~it7:i:~:.'::leu : :.:
~~~~~~.,.111~?~:::·"1~~';:~""~::~,~::;,. r.



1 W I n i:ht"o


A nd

a lu'l>·

T o"'""

pressthly l~nw :md , hahhy, contra~ung \ trongly
\\tth t he fl('h ;tppart:J Of t he performers. . \S f,.r
t heir n.:n·]•tion, t he fair singers c an ~c;trn:ly complain. T hey r.:rein:d c·ncores m;tuy time~ dur-





tl1 ,

fru.:nr!s in t he 1-ity o f St. Louts, 1 h a;., !..:en req ue.tc(\ tO pre!lt'll\ )OU Wtth !hi~ e\·idenr:e o i
tlwir r<.~peo, e_~tccrr. a nd adntir-•llon. Th<! _JCOp!e o f S t. Lou1~ feel p mud t hat an .\onencan

f;~:~;~1 ;1,~1:~•!'f.inh~~e:~~;;:~ :~~~~~~a;":~ ~~smu:~~

m g n err l'_t·~~mna_m:c·, au.~\ a t t he c lose _of _the
l .ht a ll o t . l.a I- a\ o nt,l t he I .ucca Soc~ety
pn..-so n ted the1r c ountry woman w1th a p yramJJal
b.askL·t ftlkd with',the Lhoin·st f\o"crs, a mi h.:r
n amc nt·a.tly , ,.o,ked in gc·raniums a nd fuschias.


The L ucca-A·ello_d_g O pera.


~~~i~dh;era~:~:~ ;~1; ~~~J~~as~tt~ysi~~e~~~:e ::,~;

: icklyh plctrus standing

~~:.;1 ih~:~~~ a~'SSUc~:~ t~eu:;:·tru~~~n:~~: ~~~~~: ~he c oat 1 o f an;~) t>f t he l·ity. J£, n . (;c·••r~e
fraurl; T he _,uge clii:~:ts were a bout as inex- kl~~tm_a• ~~~~~~rn~.~~-;~~>: h~~~;~n~;u~-~m:p~:~-n\:



O r, 11 l nJy


ctation o f y our ! (feat ahilitio
m l 1D le o--h
eutcrt:tineo\ b y t he citiJ.c.nl of ~1. LOL t
, \ t t he e nd o f t he l ir;t a c o f 'II<
( ;lov;~,nni," t he l ast night o f t he op~ra, ' l:$5 f.:.dlogg receive<! a m agnifkcnt ra~ket co r~ ni g a
go!tl c hain a nd from t his s uspend I a meG l im
u pon w hich was engrave<! t he tollnwin,: i iN·ript lon: ' 'To Miss C lara L ouise Kellogg, frnm
h er m any friends a nd admirer<> in ~~- Loui«."

t ed in h er b right c areer all t hat ~\-~"'S g race a nd
dtgntty t o womanhoorl. I n t he \ \ <"" l-m t he
\\"etitem m etropolis-it is o ur ambtti• m t o b e
fin;t m t he d evelopment o f m atenal Interests,

During t he la>t a ct in " Il_Tro>atore" ~I!$ Kel- ~~~~~nfi~:~~~=~~:t!i~;<'i~; :~~~~~~;~~~~~~; b~~t :~:~~
b'l't"at p rimed, me haH: comt: m d l ot:g".c;thcr.:ctplentofa heaunfultlc>ralte~tl- thehJgherCI\'thlatloll. Forthts~:ause.tllurno


~o !I ·]'he_ (~er~ano, r)· l .un·a, t he _\mer~~~~ 2~;~..,~:::~ ~gl~tr~·a\"~:,~r:,::

~::~'~.;~· ri•~t~g"~~e ~;::::'~~~:~ ';,ftl::;e~u 1:;~:k~:.~g~~

_hers~lf "ith her

:~is:-~·,:::h~;o,~;c~.e !~~: :~a:ahc~erh~o~sr;:~~~~: ~~en~~~~~<..:::r:!:i~~i~;~:u~l ~~~~~ifcb~~~t'~~~.~~~~

~:~e:~Jl~~:;~~~::~-!~n~~r t~:;la~~nsi( "~i:-~;~1{~1~~;
~~il1'1~C~v~n'~r:n;:eur~~;c(~it~~;~;;,'g ~~~;~t-10 ~


' trs ha:·
k et, t he cc·ntre o ne, n ntaining a !Jinlfe;l
tl e ,ther a g nat ,in;.;cr. J.un·a i~ t he a.-tr<..'SS.I t ;; g_euJ whH:h w as ~ fine In tie song,ler, though, t hii in't:tJl<:e, d ear lady, H.")'Ct't i~ mingle-d with
H er d ramatic ~:onc.:ptlulh a rc p.:rk>t:t. ~;h~ idl"ll· u nltke :\Its~ ~.:tls. .n ' • 1 d td n . . t m ake a sh<JW <>f aUccl!unate regard, 1101 b ecause o f t he n auonal


j iJ.fl

thoroughly,a_rul a bw-1

~~~:~~.· f~~~ t~:\~'-'J~:~~-i~ ~;~~::· ;~~ ::(~:·~~:
pvnant, h er magrutiu::m a umg rs seen.


tlerful ts_this little c.rc·aturto-full o f love, pa~'ion
nJ st.·nu_ment; full o f t he ~trong \ \om,tnl) _tjl•-·1·
illes ••·htch m_u\e t he hop_de,~ ~llt.:non d mg t o
ha t arekss m ast ...r s o fauhfull}, c arnestlr 11nd
long, just a s a t rue wo.m.an tlo~·s e~en ag,tin~t
reason an<! c onmwn ien~c We all felt it, , tnd


ur~~~~u:t~~~~t;e~~~~~s~~:: e~~ued:

h er. w_ith
follu11 i ng atldrcss in writin_g.
t he st, g e b e_ ~fh-. K t .t.LOGt.-On behalf o f t he Cllt«"ns o f c ame a lmost c overed with lKIU•tuets wh £ h f dl

~/~~~~;,;:~}:~,-~n\7~~"~;·~~~~~::.a:~~ c;;~~~~;

c hctractd a~ a n .\mc·rican artist. a nd o ne "·ho,
t hrvughout tht: ~Ira m ane wnrlr!, has L'>'t;\hJi,hed
o ur t nttona' reputJ.tiO!l b r ' trtue o f y our t alents
an•~ la.bor ~ccond . to n<on~ m t he dn·elopr~. e nt o f
natt\·c r~-s<1urces Ill t he nohle~t excmp!i!tLIIH>Il



in perfect showers. \\"hen ·1ui<:t was a~.1in n :s tored, t he f<ur c antatnt:e mut!estly !J:li<l
I c an h ardly fin~! w ords, t o toX)m:ss m r gratit ude t o my rleJr _fnen<h in St._ Louts for t he gcne rous a nd fta.tttonnl{ testimon~;t! u f tlt,·tr cstee1.n
an•\ affe<t1on. I t rust t hat t tl t he future I ~h:tll


1:ur h cans a•:_h~~t for poor, rni~r.• t .k l iuk .\lit:· , ~-~g~\r~~ ' 1;~ri~·)usl:~t· ;~7~~~~:1 <1 i~u~,;:;r';~~~r~·~- ~~~: ~1 ~!(~~h:?hrtl~~illofe~~~ ~~~~:~n~~e ~~~~~~~
n on-we 1e1.:r thought <>f L ucca. . S o 11 " "S. st~m, y ou have "tuod upon tht· <!ramatK ~tJg~.,. pleJ.Sill!o( re<ollection o f my !•resent vtsit t o y our
w nh a ll h cractml'. . -h for h er singlng, n ature: o t t he "urlol, whereon t he ]'rou<k'it C\'er h~n: beJUtlful u ty.
h n ot d one a s much l or h er a.5 for .\!iss Kel- trembled t u tre:uJ, a nd h dure t he moM c nucal . Thu~ h as ~t. L ouis ~hown h cr ap]'reCiatlon o f


logg. She has~ \"Oice o f ~reat power, b ut h as :~:~e;,~~e~fh~;:~l'~cl~~~~~i~-;ntl~~h~- :~~oh~~~ t he ;.:reat American son.:stre~'- \\"e h a\·e ~'<'­
not g ood u se o f 11; h er t nll 1s )::rand a nd ot great worthy You rtopr<..-st:nt ~~~ g.\m.:rican ,tJ.::c in c onled t he s peeches marie atl<i h er r eply, be-

:~;i;lt~,er~~n_~;o~01 ltgi:ac:~~~;·wi:~~~~~~!, :~: ~~~~- 0~~7c'h~J>k~~::'; :,~,'-' ~~;~~~~~ilt~-~~~;u~fi~n~f ! ~a~::~_~;::~ ~~n:;·:~as'~.~~~~::l;~~ i:;~~~

H er m il


n ot a s powerful, b ut man- It


t he only

lan~U;Ige gi~cn


whtr~ 'peak~

, l \'e o f n atwnalitr; a nd we ha\·c h ut o ne t hmg t o

a gcd pc•f~tly: th~: gr~<~ual crcscen~J"s a nti de- : ~?'~0C~~~~rt~a~e'~~e~, ~~~~ne;;~~~i~'i:e:~:~~~~e::~ · regret. a nd t hat is, t hat G ermany's p ritk di<l .not
crescendos b emg postll\'cly magrufkent. .-\s self.
rccel\ethe~ameapparent h onor w uh :\hss 1\.eln·gardi bro l lh-taking, L ucca exha~~ts . h en.df, _( ; 0 ,j has ~tamped t he univen.e with I Ji, <>Ill logg, a wl t hat w e h ave n ot S•Jme few w onls from


:~~~~~~~,:~~~ ;~~;~_h;~r:~~~~:~r:~::;l't·~:;~_~rat~>~s, ~~~.~~~;~;~~le :;~c~:~~~w~, "ai~~l fl~~lw~~:u~~e 1:e~
l_•>gg h as " ''t thi~ f;tult, lout. inspires prudeutly,
t arefully •. \ \ilh t'he leaM po_sMl>le_ dl<>rt a nti h ule
!lOIS<. :-;hetsamo~tcaunous'lll~er; s heprolo.
al.l~· n ever tur)::eU t hat .\l1ss Kello~g is singing,
t hat a l arge a udirncc is Ji.>tening. a nd thcn e ven·

ofhmusi~: m~>t

~~~;; 0 1 1: 11,~;~1~~~e~: ~~;h;;~·~h~~ ;~~~~h•n::~··s ~~~/


h er

hp~ t o r ecord ,md

r ememba

S T. L O UL"' I N •.J.RT.

a s Hi~ children, we now p re,ent t o yo~ thi~ tlu·
r altcmt•le. ant] ]~a,-c eal:h b ud. f\o)\\'er aml
a re happ)" tO announre_ th~t " r.
k afto SJ>l':tk _the langua!fe o f a n ativn, cosmo\\'1ll. L'ita~e. w ho lett thts nt~ for
puhtan. yet mrlinolu;J) m 11~ rharacttor a s an " unich last $Utnmer. ha> re<:eive<l for his p ro-

.\n1'~~c;ll"J~:•;]'lt~; J!fC>~:nt j~wels

W I';

~~~~~:~.)" ~~h=l~t;;~:~ald~l~;;:~at~~a.::r:~~~~~~::i:e

b e s ung just so. F or this
o r t liamotuk
r eawn s e ~~ a bnl~ta_m s ungstre", an< I ~m t he t hey would only represent mdlvidualit)-. h~tt f l'J>· T he R oyal lla\';lrian Ac:tdemy o f _-\rt i n . \lu-

:,:~;r ·:~.:s ~: ~~~;nto0 ~

1 ~~,t~~;;;iOI~I;;:t ~~·]~::~ ~::~~·:-~ a;c;~ea ~~:ru~r~:t~~·,•ta~-~~~n~~~~~~~~~~;,~ :,::

n id1 t o its student, Will.

l'ha~e ·

h erself-grand, magnificent, C<>llfidtnt, full o f t he n ohle toltorb r uu h~~-e C\erte<l 111 b ehalf o f fy ~~e~~~ f~~~ ~~~~ ~~=r~~~~va~~c,t~JJ" ~~~~~et;ete~~
t he sen:~e o f p<1wcr to r ule b y s ong t he h earts o f f~1~,~~~~r;~t~1 :~: 17~ndt~;,e, c an only say 111 tht· ):rJnt.:ol t o y ou t hc b ronle m edal, in a~~knuwl-

:;l~.'. ~h~~~:;!::s~~~~:~: :~.~-~~~ss;:~;~u::;~r:l~~:

I -~

'~ :o.rc ~H:I..· i~"rl• lc·"n ].<i,·c.'


c.-tl t ultivation, while Mi~~ KeHogg should pay the~-h~·xl~~;~e~-~;~j; tt.a:;.:• t;~~stt,h~-i~;··~~_te~'~[~~~~,:~
m ort att~ntton t o acttng. Ne1ther ~eeu1ed ac- a remembran~;cr 111 )'ean; t o ~;ome o f o ur a pvre·


o f y our


draw1ng <)f th<! a n-

\ \' ~!~~~~~~'t~:~~~~·o~x'y o fthc P rofrs.
.lflmi.:h, . rlpnl9, t 87J·



' 'Ch.:, but s ddu m t o tht: others, if, a s is fn:- 1 t ion c onclu d ed wi:h a n o~·erttlre, ·· T e \ l c:rry
q ucntly t he ca~e, d1t:y a rc t•lao.·ed u nde r t he fir>!, W ives," !>erfor mcd t.y t he ~l tsses l .iute
th<· s cnurnent b<."ing v.L~tly different. Tim. is ford, Lizzie :iimon, C arne \ !aye"' a nd Elft Car; ::;T, J -outs, ~UNE H )
o.:ertainly t he c xpnicnl·e o f m oM b allad s ingers; t er, o n t wo pUtnos, Wtth oro ht'~tr. , c on p amand until tiJO~e 11ho a n·umpany stUd}· carcfu11y m ent, a nd r d\n:tcd c redt t a.bly upon tho! )"oung
w~ d~o.1re
I f cnonmuu
loc•n<, • ·thn t• tl Corrc·,t•·md<'n<O'Col
1. A<t. t he w ords a s well a s t he m u,ic, t hink a little la.die~
m on· , .f t he sing~:r t han o f t heir o wn p cr\Jrm-- 0< I _ ~ra"· n:illlr<

i!hr Jmprr5!iOrio.



: loin""',( m

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. ...,


]>e.~< ~~

<' lu
p]ao y " '" o<l~ of II
\\eo:; no~t



~:~~·. : : ~~;:;~:~::~~1;ood accumpani,ts to re·1 T he CentenC%t~cE!t_urch


s ... ,


-- - --


· "'

B eethoven Consercatory o f .Aiusic.

' "'f'



\lo.:n· n tile L ibrary l lall 11·a~ .:omI' etc!}' p.tt k ed o n th~ " rc; '>Jon o f t he
uvl>e<' con,en;~tory cxhiloitton. T he p crlimnance o n
:..... t lat
t wo ptanos h y tho; \lis~e~ 1\.itty IJautu, I da
...u .t
1-isenhardt, I da 'Llu,~ig, an<l ; \lay H ewitt, 1\' l~
h appily c\ecutc<l I.Jy t he ) 'Ollltg !adic'3. \\"hen
w e nuti• etl t ht " \ h C he .\'!Sorta," b y Y e l£< •
· n o. o n t he p rogramme, we were s<:lmcwhat curiJUS lo se-e t he \ \iss J cnnte (;;~rJan<l. ::'ihe
s t v pcd u pun t he , tage w ith nm~it!~rable a pp•·
P ianists a nd . JcconLpanisls.
r e 11 conli<lctKe, a mi s ang with a \'OJCe o f g nu
p urity ;mtl. l ·omp:ts, t hi, very ditlicult compostill- 1biltty t o rin~er " dl, t he 1'-"~·<:: - ton o t•l1. \ \ e n>ll);ratulate h er u pon h er success,
\Lillo, d dtcac1 ot t ourh. l•rccr,ton, ll'rt~t lout would ggesl a l ittle m on· s tudy . md c ulti.
' \. l)· ILSJ


td.-. cnc.




h t'



O r!)"an

T HIS CO!Kert 11'aS ccrt"mly Ollt: o r the

sun:es.-.ful o f t he ~eason. l'roh.:ssorCr<awultl p layed a n o verture ! rom " .\l as.aniello, 1
onata in B ilat, \ l c·noldssohn, anti a n ;t ll e•n·tto
m ovement from B cetluwcn's" l':ighth S ymp 10
f he r endition o f t hese composition~ Will>
a bsolutely J>t.:rkct.
H tt c o mbinatu>ns s ho"
c areful, c unsnentious ~tudy, wh ile hi~ CXljU~:>ih.
o rgan-touch, h is p erfectly c orrect interpr~:~, 11011
o f t he m usic with r egard tl• t he \ 'arious effcc :s t o
be IJTOduccd, p rove h im a n excello:n m usic m
a nd m aster o f t he in~trument a t whio.:h h e p re.
siJ~. A n a ttempt w as mad<.: t o ~ing t he w ell.
k nown d uet i n \ lartha. \ lr. Dterkt"S s ang
pretty w dl, b ut h is articulatton 11·as 11ery p oor
m dttd. \ h. C ooper &hould n ot h ave a ucmpte <lthe ptt<·e a t a ll; t he gre:1.t erlurt r equired in

::•;t~c;;,,~:,:l:::~;s·t:;:\~l::~e~<·~:i~:~::7.i ~~~;• ';~· ~:~. : ~;;~n~~~o~e ·~t~::~:::ltg<'l::; ~;~~~ ~~:~~;,.~;~~~~-~~~:. I ~:~~~ ~ t~heel:-~~u~::pt::~~~:~!t~~~;~lestr::~~~;;;~
me:J.n~ follow~ t hat he i~ e nabled b1 t hese a c p erf.mnance u f th<· a legretto mol'<::mcnt fro:n cffcct o f h is r eally g ood ,-oJo.:e
1'1::_ • <foo<l
q uucments t o a n:omp.my t he 1o ic1• iu s ingmg Beet! O'en"s •·:'eve•ltil S1 mphon~ ' ~~"•'"' e.\c'<.:Uted \ "rght," l ater i n tho; e venu.g, \\',<.! m uch b e t er
J 'hne a n· man~ e-.o.-ellent piani~h, w ho .arc u t t<der11Lh, b "l l l'eaks li•.tle f,,r ~omcb-)<.ly's JU<~g- rendered, a nd p rovt·d h i' ability 11hen in a {JTOterl~· ignur.Lnt o f t he a rt o f accotnl•anyin):. a nd, m ent m attemtoLmg t bat wht• h c an o nly loe .!<TOm I j l<'!'t ficlol . ·• Kathlo!c·n ~la11oumecn." b y ~tu.
w hat is more: ~tupid, blii!ihdly uru.:onio10LJS o f plishetl by t horough a nd .to c omplishc.t artists. Wycoff~ wJ.s s ung liS w e hJ.ve s ddom h eard it.
t hetr (\t:finency :'>Lmy p erwns i maguw tha! t o 1\ e r an s ay l mle t ur tiL~ d uo / rom ·• ! .ucla · ! 'he effort was h eartily :r.pplJurkJ, a nd t he t::n·
! Jb) t he not<.:~ a~ written UJ•on t he ~tall is t o lJ, \ lr. \!c•.~abc sat1g well, f rom t he fact t hat h e t hustasttc a udience w ouhl n ot rest u ntil t he l ady
a n accomp:~.roi>t. Th~:r~: llt:\t:r " ·'' J. ~realer nor •Jill)' posstssc:s ·' c ood \ vic,·. b ut k nows h ow aJ.;Jin ap;>eared a nd ~J.ng, " \\'hen tho;: P ale,
l'h~: a ccompamment-cxn·pt in rJ.rt;: t o ust· it
: \lr. I l oan d id t okrJ.b!), a nd m ight 1 P ale \I•>On Aro~c L c;t :'>light." T his pit;:t:e
cases-~houlol h e s ubordinate t o t he 1·ui~e; n ot h a\e d une muo.:h b~ttcr i t t here h ad n ut b.:-en a n w as m ore w ithin t he r ange o f h er v oice, a nd
]>l;~y in Uri<t tim~:, b ut in s olos. allowutg for ~vi.:lem o.:unspir,, .1' o n t he p an o f t he orcht"Stra r endered w ith e1·en l>etter etf.:o.:t t han ' ' K ath ·
eliCtt, t he e motions, a nd t host v ;lriolh d nJa- w <lrown h im. ! 'he g reat ~training l e•tuired o n ! .:en." " I D reamt I w as in H eaven," w as
ttl>lh which m ake ~ong ai'Jleal s o e arn.·,tly. " ' t he p an o f t he g entkm.tn t o m.1ke h imself sling b)· \li'~ I nghram v ery cro:ditably, a lthough
unin·rs.aliy t<J tho.: h igher natur~:-thc lan,_:ua:.:e . Ieard detract..:< I u m,iderably tr<l<n t ht t:l!cct. we h ave h eard h er in pi,·o.:es m uch b etter ad;~pted
o f t he soul. T he majority o f contert~ han.• 0 1 1 I he . . t irJ.nd I lu(J ,. o n t11o pl.tn•Js, h)· t he t o h er voice. T he o misstun o f . . Q uis e st H oe.xhibitton o ne o f t hese self c onstituted .l\cOnt· \I1SSCS J ulia l lurkec . uul Herth:1 Hollman, m o"' w as a d isappointment. T here a re few
pan~ti, a n i ndividual ll"ho p lays his p .m w ith was most pt·rfectly eX<..'CUtcd, b oth ladit'S C\.hib- ,·oice• i n o ur c ity po~sc~~ed o l t he qualitie~
a s h ttlc refcrenc:e t o t he s inger a s t hough h c olid tting greJ.t <kli.::aty a nd t aste in i ts po:rlormance. neee5sary t o r ender, a s i t s hould b e r lone, thi~
n ot o :xist-utterly, e mirdy absorl.>ed in t he ex<:: \ 'erdi's ·• E rnani (.1_urolann" wa~ m ost e xn·J· Ut:autiful d uct . W e e xpected a m usical t reat
c ution o f t he mu~ic before h im; while t hc eli_ l ent!\' renJert:<l I.Jy \ !iss L ttitia Fritd1. T his from :'>!iss B ranson a nd Mr.;. Wycoff, a nd hopo:;:
tres..~cd • ·oulist i s vainly ~truggling t o kc~:p w ith littl~: b<l)· astuntshcd t:\·erybody, n ot u nlr b y s oon t o h ear t hem r en,\er t his g em o f Kos~wi's
t he instrumc:nt, o r o~·ercomc tho: 1 101U madc b ) h er p ure tones, b ut h er ,.::rcat ~trength a nd fOil\· \ s a ~ubstitute, ' ' An E\·ening ~ong" w as g in:n ,
thi~ cn<·rgetic a utotuaton-they 1 re u sually u ry pa!;s.
She Ja, k s cultil·;ttton, b ut pO$SCSkS a ril-h l 'ro\ing m uch m ore fur t he ladies' voices t han
m urh s o--pre,ioline; a t t he p iano. T he m ajor- Mure o l n atural a hilit)
But o ne t hing n urn.:d l or t he c omposition. l ;ounod's "A~· e M aria"
ity ot t hem e~·idently l abor unde1 t he m on- t,oe elk" t o/ h er hinging, a mi t hat w .u t he a ttempt 11 JS a little high for 1\l iss l luntin):;IOn, yet s he
~truu~ ddu~lott t hat t heir performa1u-c tS t he 11 t o t rill; sho; s l•ould refrain f rom Jn~·thing u f t hat l .lng t he p iece q uite w dl, !iho11·in!{ h cr a bthties
t raction, .mtl ll(Jt t he Sttlger; a nd llu :.trO••,..I} k ind for t he 'prelotllt. l"he " Cnncertante,"' for l>l'":>t in t he m iddle rcg\Sto:r . . La C arita"
rooteo.l Is t ins idca, t hat t hey ,tre 11eldom l><.:r ti~·c sol<> 1·iolin~. w.os .o n eat r endttiun a t t he m ight ha~e b een gre.atly 1mpro~·ed; t he solo:.
.,u.u\ed o ut o f it. H ow many ; ingen, m ore o r h;cnob u1 \IJ'>tcrs K nable, St:hilhn!,.fi:T, &hr<·n, were creditably giveu, b ut t he t ime w as p oor i n
less embarras.,ecl o n a tinH a ppearance itt c on- Taussig ; md Prof. 1\'aldauer ·• C olin c he m i t he q uartette, a nd t he expression was s ad ly
c ert. signally fail in t he reliC!ition . ,fa pie(:e with cli(e," from ·• D on Burcfalo," was t he g em o f w anting. T here was also a n e nolent u ncerwhieh they u rc p erfcdly familiar, t nl·rdy for t he e\cning:. 1\l i~s Branson'~ r ich. m agniticent t aintv t hroughout thL' e ntire !Jiece, w hich w as
want o f a h ttle a id in a t rying mornc:nt from t he \ o ilc filled e l'en· foot o f t he Jargt: hall, a nti t hen cmything b ut plea~ing. I f Mr D ierkes w ould
accump<tnt~t? l · sually, tt h e m;okcs a lalsc d ied a way in t he s weetest a nd g entlest o f ~~hoes p lace h imself in c ompetent h ands h e wou ld s ome
n ote, o r g ets ol'l t he melocly, h e is ;tllowc:d w g ct ' \"e h a1 ~ctdom h eard w dt a faultless v ocal 1\ay m ake a vc:x:alist I t is painful t o s ec a g uod
back a s b est h e may. ~!any pianist~ p ay b ut renf!ition
E ven tmlo; e'hibit~·d t he mo~t I'Oice a bused a s is his. L et him <-ultivate itlittle u r n o a ttention ! (J t he word~. b ut .trc gui1\cd fareful a nd n msrienttous f ultivation > a nd it l earn t o u~e 11 p roperl)·-and t hen he c an J l'll;
t o .m e xtent b y t he ps. pps. (·resfertdu's an•lcle- is n ot t oo n luch t o ~;ty t hat a m ost h rilliant fu T hl· q uartette, . . M idnight Sound~." clo!>t!<l t he
~rcSCen_<l<~ o:tc, pla(·ed a t ro:~ubr intL·rval~ o l'er t ure :~.waits t he !young ]a(\y i f s he n mtinud . t o p erfonnanLe, a nd was a n im pTOI'<::men t, b oth in
th.- mu~JC fltt"Se ~~:euenllly a pply ver) wt:ll t o o ne u nprn 11e 3.!0 lihe h as t he p ast ye.1r. T he exhtbl tlmt' a nd e )o. prt'sMo n, o n t ht' o ther




Mal n~ene's


I ing" s o sweetly as t o lcav~ n othing t o d v.irc; L-:spcctaily n aming t he .\ltsScs P ea
land l ater i n t he e vening, with h er sistcr, Mi~s i ngham. T hey looth ~ang 1 t:XL n r: e ,
apprt:Liativc atHi highly re,pel.:taiJleau· J uha Jacobs, s ang a duct, " La lZcgatta," from a nd, i ndce?, added_ t o their a lready we_ k nown
d ience was in a ttcndcnn: a t t he a bove Gounod. T hts !'lt:a~tng_ d uct ca_!led forth a reputauons a s lcaolmg a nutcurs o f our u ty
concert. "~lillard's \ \ailing," was s ung very w dl-dcscncd m rt>n, whtch w a,; gtvcn m '?>lo
o,;r~itably b y ' \iss H untington, a s al->O, " 1 O ne t o L ove/' wtth \<lrlatmns. Mr. C unnmgTHE .Al.fl Y Q UBEN.
L on: .My Love." T he lady r eu:ived a n e ncore- ham s ang qUite acc.:ptaUly m _"F'low, Gently
after each piet~e, a nd ~ng in n:spvn~e, " "-ho's Uil'a," but M. r: \~'lloon wa.s ~vLdcntly n.ot c ut S T E K N U A L E BE:-./ !>I I TT'S bea1 tiful
a t \ l y W indow" a nd " \Vhcre a n: \ 'e G omg, o ut fur a public ,mgo;:r. H e b a g ood teacher
c antata W a.!; presente1l duriug: t he p ast
Swcet K ubin?" T he ro;:nditiun o f" J udith," by o f vocal music, hu_t h as nut the requt<>Ut: con- month in a manner highly creditable t o Prof.
\(iss S chunucher, was quite w dl dom:. al- uol o f \ 'OLce a nd !c~turc, t o b e a t all pk.t>mg Creswold, a s manager, a nd a s i$ sdolum ,;een in
thou;:h t he c:xhibiuon o f less force would have to_ a n auohencc:. 1h e performance o f \ lhs 1 local entertainment:> o f this chara~.:ter. T he
lx:en a g rcat improvement. We a re inclined t o' \ llnm.: Br_"''knLach was m ~:very way_creohta: ]prinfipalpart,.s wen' ~u~tain~:d L}· \ liM H untingthe lx:hef that the lad~_ would d o herself greater l bk 10 the lady. _. Mr._ l lceng's 'Lohn S<>los t on as t he ) lay ( lueen, \l1ss Ingh~am a s Q ueen
jusuce 1f -;!1_e sang_mu~Lc confined Ill h er lower " .crc pleasantly g l•en, ami • peak well _for hun o l E ngland, ~lr. Smllh a s the: ~hepherd, a mi
reg1ster. l'ew \'OLces po~sL'SS tht: quahty, e n:n a s a n amatcur. iL was the dut) o n th~ occa- \h. Lherkes a s ){ohm !loo<l. ' !he se•·eral
though they havo: grc:at cowpa~~. t o sing t he $tun o f a prctt_~ wcll-~o:ruwn boy 10 . raLie .utd I char:\Cters wo:re rcndo:ro:d p leasantly-the t;ingmg
o:xtrcmo:s o f high a nJ lu"- _a<.:co:ptably. O ne o f lower t he t op o t t_he pLano a t state• I tnn_cs. l i e b eing much superior t o t he a tting--;uch bcing
t he s errcts o f succo:>sful sm~mg t s t he finding V.i.IS. a stout boy, v.tth Llrge k ct, a nd .Ill} anwullt . trcquentl}' the t a.'it' w nh those who make t he
t he fie\<! where o ur abihtie~ can~- use1l t O t hc. O~\ery tuugh shoe.le_athcr _en~a~mg- tht:m. " 0 s tage . t profe~~ion. \ lusically it was a succ~ss;
b~t ad•·antage a nd stnctl)· conhn1ng ourselvcs •·concord o f swcct ~<>Uillb" aro~Se tro!ll those 1 financially not what 11 should h ave bcen. 1 his
10 it T hree compositions.· o f Prof. 1.Lllnu:ne's clumsy hcels, n or were ourUlJtlts· dcltghtcd v.nh 1 \' a.!; n o compliment to Prof. Cre~,.·olol. H c h as
wer~ givc:n t o t he p ublit tor t he first time. T he t he graceful movemenL'i o f t he awkar<l biJ>ed. b een in o ur city but a s hort time, yet h as already
musi.: is certainly neat, elt:~:ant anol expressi~c; l ie would ~hoffic t o the front o f t he instrument, d one m uch to r:o.isc: t he standard o f mu~ical
t hc arrangement o f in)trumcnts b ahn,_,;t fattlt· a nd, m>t<:ad o f return.mg a s h etamt", would pa~s t a.,te; a nd an auo!icnct:, in point o f numbers,
lcss; while both compositions a nd : mangcmcnt e nttrdy a round t t-tlic Sillllt _Uemg •·er) annoy· s uch as gro:cted him a t t he presentation o f t he
p tu:e Prof. \ lalmene in a new· a nd enviable po- mg: W th~c who taLne 10 enJoy t he mu,Lc, and May Quecn, we repeat, was n o Lompliment,
sttion in musical a rt. T he performance o f t he n ot 10 sec Lovs. . \t t he t crnunatmn " f n ·ery a nd, comparati\"el~ sl'eakinl', ~Ol:h a$ would
" &renata" wa> n ot what it s hould have bc:en; 1 tv.o o r thrce pu.-...c> t hat cverlastmg buy wooltl ha•·e b ardy g raced a n ordinary side-e;how , T he
t he orl:hestra b<:ing miserably o ut o f time dur- put m an aj•p~aran~~. and_al>ruptly dtspel. the n ame o f th1) gentlcman alon.:, in c onnediun
i1 g the: entire fir..t movemcnt, a nd t he grea1er hnf,'l."nng ccho-t::; . o f d ehght!ul mll.SLC. W e k it with a ny musical enterprise, should h a'e b een
p.~rt o f t he M:Cond; yet, after this, there was a then, a nd !he de~Lrc b yet strong wnhin u,._, t o say e nough to h a\'e d rawn full house'!. We fcar t oo
pcrcepttl>le and gratifying: improvement until the 111 all earnc~tne"'>, a mi Wtth. a thanktul h ean, ··a j g reat allowance wa.s ma<lc fur the merits o f t he
last. T he rendition o f Favarg:er's •' Fanta~ia swc.:t farewell t o t hat angelic boy."
pie-ce a nd performers, and n ot em>ugh a ttemion
Obc:r<m" was excellently well done b y ~li,;
p aid t o financial matten;. Prof_ Crtos,.·old's
~lalmene. T he exccution in every particular M r. W olfsohn's C ontplimenfary l ate ~xperientc will propal.>l~ rlctcr. him trom
was given with great delicacy ami taste. : \n
e ntenng o n a nythmg o f t he k uJl ag:un fur " ''me
heart)· encore was demandcd, when s he playe<l
u me, a nd when he J oes 11 may l>e h e wtll b e

A :\




with her ta1her a duct from " Trovatorc:."


:;at~!c:~~:~~~ ~a~y~st ~~~t~~::pl~: ~~d~~~~~s ~~:



Lll R C E a udiencc 3.$Cmhled o n tht: occa- lx:tter appr~iated.

sion o f t he a bove c oncert a t t he Temple.
-t o B<"," b)· \ lr. Jlabelm.lnn, w ;t> go\'t:n in -\s there was a large
_so H igh S clwol
a t the
thts ~entleman's u•ual happy maLmer; while l~s- thcre 11ere many performers, b ut, we ;trc _ubhg
s er'5 e~qui~ite ballad, " \ lein Engel," was per- led \ IJ say, few smger... f he Profe,~or h un >elf
h·r. 11 . h ' W:l5 n ot a >tar o f t he first magnltu<k, whtle tht· I ' l h e annual exhtbition o f t he third class o f
;~·lti.~ t~<:cn~e~:;:~n atJ~J>r:~~~e:r 0:1~~g :in~; atte~lpt t o perform the fourth a ct o f '"II Trova. 1 t he St. Loui~ l ligh Scho0l took pl~~eon Friday,
" Silent :-.iio;ht." ' •Thou Art m . D ream," b ~ . t are,' was . n ot only ruhcul_ous, but m very ~ad t he 9th o f '113)', a t 9 ~- M., a t tht: I .:mple
L ong beforc the _begmmng o f th~ cxcrcises
Prof. \ lalmene, with \'iolint:el!~ obli a to b)· ; t aste, partHularly a t th1s n me when t he ~mgmg
Prof. H . R obyn, wa,; r endered very e fttctivel) , a nd ac_ung o f t he l ate m agmfkent opera truup~ t he largo: ~all was ILllcd ~nth the fn~nds anol
!'he l'rofe>o~or, with his rich :~.nd hi . .hl cultiv~:, was sttll lrL-sh bl'fore us. Ha1~ t he cntcrtam- relativcs o t t he p up1h r he 1-ltgh School_ a t
tt:d •·oice, •ave: a lin<! inter !reta~u: o f thi~ mcnt taken pl~ce a t a p nvatc TL"Sidcncc, 1 t would present numbers about 900 schul_an., o f whwh
swec:tson ~fthe r eatGerm;ncom>Oscr. T he h a,·clJ.eendd'krcnt; I.Lut t he con<.:ertwasregu- over s oo took ~art m t he ~11\glllf::. I n the
v iolinn·ll: accot;•atlimtont a t thel h ands o fjlarly advc:rtl~<.l, ami a n admJ>.'IIm c hugcd o f neLghi>Orhoo~\ o t 4 50 1\"t:re plact.'<l m t he galProf. Kub n was I extcllcntly i•·cn, t he well- one dollar._ I h e ~mgtng 111 ord1nary c uncat o f l c:ry-the t htrd cia$$, numbentlt; about t;c\·cnty,
know·n 1ru~cienc o f t he •cntkgmen o n this in· sel.:ct ~n_u>K, a nd the enactmg o f oper~~· a rc two ~~~ t he stage, ami t he re~t ( "'ho dul not t ale p art
~trumen\ in~orin yno othc~rcsult.
very 1hflnent thmgs. People Will cn!lcLZe, and m the;: _~mg:mg) were seated o n the n "rth _anol
amateuN s hould he ]'Ohttc enough not to at- 1 !oOOUth SHle o f t he hall, l~·a,·mg the b Jdy ot the





P rofessor .lffeyer'S Concert.


H IS conccrt was poorly a tttndcd, yl:l t he
a udience was appreciative-seeminK hearttly pleased with each i ndhidual performance
Miss Go\d~tirker s ang in h er usual happy m an·
n cr a c avatina from l .unctia B or¢a-" lt i sbct·



__!!... .


tempt that. m p ubhr wh. Kh c.m only b . " .nd.cred ho.u~e fo.r t he •·NtOrs. . T he arrangement. w~s a
pr011erly h y t huse who make t he opc:ra a c on· good o ne, ~nd show~:d t he thoughtfulness o f t he
Stall! and life-long s tudy, a nd then but too fre- pnnc1pal.
' l'h cre were ~1~teen orat10th a1111 >.!~savs rea1l
ljUent1y fa11 o f success. \ \' h en a part•· e ssars t o
cater t o th~ public, it 1s assumed t hat he IS mas- "ml d eh"ered, o f whKh '<Orne showed ronsidter t o a l(rt:at~r o r lcss degrt-e o f his subje.:·t; it · er:-tble m erit--one in p:micular, ·• ' \othin;: b ut
is not undeNtOod t hat he i s(() a tlmtpt, hut rm./~r L eaves," b y !lli~s Fannie H. (~riltith
in a satisfal'lory m anner the ]lerfi)rman•·e fllr 1 T hree drama.s ( Frcnch. G erman a nd En;.:lish)

~~i~~ la~~f~t~~11a~::~~n;,/;~z~ot; ~~~;~:;;o!~; 1~h~~~ ~~~s ~~~::-~:;;:~c:1~~'ih~::r,c7hc ~::1 ~\-~:!~u:~ l ;a~:"o~;:.lls~7~~r~:~1~up::t;o~ht~ :~~,i~:~~;:7inv.~~


l't:'i.pon•k..-t with " I've N othing _Else t o D o." a ny profession o r t rade, and a s univel';ali)· c on-[ ing we have_ c:•·cr heard, h ere o r elsewhere:
M1SS E sther J acobs r endered Millard's " Wait· demnc:d. OJ t he singers, w e t ake p leasure m T he c ompositions-all c lasslca.l-were ttung



with goo{l t.15lr a nd \ lnokrstanding; tht! dith:r•·111 l•lrt» "cro: well loalann:ol. .;;wh i n.: g< •I
; rup•lri!Oil-~o;,r.•nos. .thos, luritoncs. Ttlo
ch•>ru~. ·• ! lonw,'' b y 1·. \ ht. \ LI> rendo;:rco~ with·
o ut a<.:o•Jlllp:!tlimem; there wa~ n o 11'~\cnll): of
v ouc-'. ll<.J dt·tuna!IOn. n u ll.lttellmg ~I t one, b ut
a pcrf.;,·t1l'n h.o_nll} 1~ bt: e~pc~·ted u l ~~~~t:rs _of
t "l"·n_"n' t•. _IlK . . ( ,Jona " ' . \lo/.a tt s I w dtth
\ tass, a nd" l'ho;: J lc,n·ens U~:da~t:," by l lt:dhlV· I I, were a·ndc-ro:d 111 _a truly art~sth: sty!~.
11 l o


T ilE


.- _
llto !IHiiit·<~l !Cast hchl a t ( m nnnah
_was a gr.And ~ucc<.:'-S-.m t'poch 111 mu>oit.>-rd'k·o;tl\"e ot \~<! grc.llt:r crcoht o n t he eni<.:TJ>nSC
a nd energy 1•f tho· n t\ t hat m auguratcd l t. I t
wa~ n o halt-wa1 . al!.u_r, h ut a . .-dl-prost:cuted,
ahly-m:m:tgcd s_ertes ut c_"nce rts. T he so:n'lCts o f
t he lx:st sol<l--l>lll~t:rs o t t he c ountry " ert· ob-

~trf::~~;r~-·;::::~::~~;;;;:L,~t;; ti~~:~:,.,:at~u~~~~~ , ~::i:~:~-1a :;c~:1:!.~-~:~::n::~:l ~:::~u2;- ~~~1 •;,~;;:~.

w u .g "'" c·ach J'll"O:t:, all ,-.,ices o:oming in a s Thc.J<Iort! T homas-to k .ul a nd st;ullp h ii indt
II · K - 1
UI>SI< L m lx· p erformed a nd ,·iduality u pon n cry p nlimnano:c, t his 1s sornt:
Ko p 11 1r
11.::nbt:r o f ) c·ars. n u d oubt we thing o i which 1 'ino:itlll.tti m.1y well feel pr< ud.
C u \ltlt:nalt : tve \ 1\K"fllJ!l r hor;t( SO<"it:ti<..'S _lust think o f ; Ill imlllCI\:1(' aU<hC1H"C Jistenin

.Jfis.~· ~ f oltfl(t

d o ing h<utor to

'' . 1~ 1~t l.::r :~1: ·,1;1,~, :.~~~;"l;;:~~;,.~m~ 1t<li~~~ :1::~ .:~~111;.~~~~ t~a;·~~:,~:·;~;'~n:~Jrl;~~:ar~~: ~\:.,~~~r

_I b~


"'r<~ I

m ents a rc t :ntirdy !IL;trmn~·ntaJ. _Of lht! Ill liS:<
\ , \\doer. JIT•><Iuccd a t t he tc~uv.d, lolly nmt:-tcnths was
t . \l
d asstcal, ~c,·t:rdy s o, wt· lll:l)" ~.ty-su< h as tl e
f . \lcnold
·•llcltlngl·n T e I leum." " Orphew;,"an<I"FiT»t
\ nl r M
tam llo;:n
1 \c; '1 , r
\\ alpur~es ~ight'" 1\o: luok\:ol !or t hh in t he o ld
o .J.
\ \' . \. \ J. ' 1 .<3theti< . n pitals o f Euml_>c, but,_"<: ,-.:uturc t o
s ay, unhl the Jato: t..:S1tlal, n oncot u.; 11ere reall)·
· Ill'S ~\('{{,von's i te nding·.
~-'".lrcol th~mu~tcaltaknt o ftht: ,·o.untry. T he
B oston j ub1ke w"s a ft!atun: m mus1o;a] clrckli,
but bv n o me:J.ns c omparable t o t hts; a mi Chi
il~ 11 s •lmtdkcta~s~.:ml>lt:dunthe·JC
tl <: . lkJ\·e lady's reading, b Jt " ago 1 ~ a )()Ut to).'. 0 sonJt!! m g, ( .)-we a w an
1\<..~ h ) l:t:r , f lll lftrcs~-a t rue i nterpret· dt!\~l"l',l_m·nh. . l h.-rc were many a nu -\t!,nval(,

til:•: ' >cpt.-:u



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.l•nlf~'"' • r u

r lul

w~-: h ave
"'" ..: '



S.1. \t! l f Jlt'UT('S a t

;;;.'~1:;<...1~~~. ~~~ J~i<l :,~ \\ero -~~-

t,:ht k1nd.
to-.1chers t o hrinl:) it o ut • en's, t hr "~inth ~ymphvny." This~pt·ak~ 10l· ; , ~; "".\1cr : · .';~ 0 ~~~~-~t<~ thof rtw;<ot t ho;}::
m f ,iday a t tht· 'l'.;mple
lliU<."S l<)r th.: mu,ic;tl o;ultl.lr.: o f t he ti,tcners, them w orth more. T e re ""IS : leell a '\a! l e·
' 'Alf'r w as tLo: !llll'-ICal 1-'rog:rammc
when w.- bear in min< I t hat the tirst thrt:t: move; fin~ feeling th;H tl e c c ill o t he 1ty w .s

n · \.



I l i!!h .Jlrt n t L ow Prict•s.



r 'ol1·ille.

Tht! b ir yo1mg . \m
n "- tltJn a, \
lt:tta Colville, h .u kf1 J uh-. w htre ht. h
studying, a nd f !O!It' w (;,· n ,any S hortly af er
ht:r arri\"a] there s he sar g ~~
t he
! HOT a t L.nl~bad, a nd p ro lu -1 a p rofclln 1 &~.;n·
s.nion. sh~ rcc:ivc.--1 t he h i •h •
~rs a nd
t oany pr<:scnts. Sl e wil! p rob bly l t: n \ tnC"'ca in I SH, w hen we s h ' I h ave t he p u ure >I




~~::~~~~~i~ ::£~st~~:i~J~~~~t·e j~l<~ )I ~~Inn~
tarv nuisan. _ it tht" p k w t <JltnS J f h
\ fc·rcantik L1br.ory, l nd a g; 1 n a nr
\ \ish.·d t hat S C.Jh:M l r e lse . .-o1.1tl b1d J P CO
very h1.:h
hc111. . .;t.- ·ly
J~~~~1,? 1;jH.:nr~~~~~\;:,c ~~~~~'T~~~~, th~d ~~ ~~~"'~i~n~
~ht· !•Un:hl.!!en ro

t <) ) (" COlJ:s a tu to a a nu ,~IS
tiMt 11 ~ rt 1s wttht• t h
ro::J.t·h o f t he h un b . st JUTSC. \ \"ht1 ...-~! s ay
h1gh a rt, \\<.: mo:.ltl ,trt WL!h a (. e g n I :>el
ta<.:ke<ltolt,art t o b e TnCIIIJ•>n<:d onlvteo:hcu.catty, a nd .-hiL ! l- ~ht-s criticism b f
n plv
men~ioning th<.: p ail u ~~~ 1atJC. _II tl . nam<: IS

pl.ci!-~ant t o fo.:

:~~~~ ~~~~;~:ta:~~~~ ~~;t;;lr}c i:~l~rt:~::te :~~n;~~~ ~~~P~~~~ac~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~ t<:;l\p~t~rt! !Jl~n~le~~s

f u 11 111 - ·he_ ,oul-re;u\t:r of passion, ul
tl r <:r p .;;~ o l II e , I<J <lu good, t o s uppl) euthusia,;ts. I~ t ook ju-.t o ne Ctmccrt t o' cli ...si att: merits an<I it> pn< e
h e very highost kind.
t lat 11 . ..1 ' IIIli c •n,.umtantyeanungtosee h
h .h
.. I
:->iJ<..hhJshllhcrtob.;~·ntl m leu th1s c vuttn,
k .I

otrtr~ y;'~ ;!;<.~ u1':gl::; ~~-~·:r:~~t u~:::;: :l::j~~~:~ 7~: ~1::,r~a~•e:;, /~er~:~· ""J::o~eo~~ l ~:: ~~~~ ~~e-~~~:::~ ~v~m~~·eri~~s~o~n ~Y :'~t I. )~J~
1 st:mtly t~rongnl " ah eag~.:r h~tener~ ~ t hor o r " hctht'r It \\a5 k admg tho: ...-a~ t o be: t or
t hat\ lS5 :--.;..,,»OilS a<ttn.,;at){ o ughh enthu~l "U<.: a nd ddt~hto;d 'lt:r~ th~ p«>- 1th1n1,'S, t here lp}Jeared Ill the :\o;:w ' )Tk ):1.
n hog t: ~10\1~,t<;tr:h ~~~~ t~l\s~~~;~~c~: p ic t hat d unng t he mt~nm~~wn a.t th< la~t c on ~~n~ll~~:~~~c~~:j1 ~::e ;1~,_..~ 1t t ~:~kl~d~u\ ~
c : l I a n J <tn·., not a ! Jdy, : ;he' r t,thq r~~oll~.:dth~mil:ht~tnwam.ls~m~e1- ' llut(hand B dgp.n.trt l i n Jtwhat t he ,\1~en-

\ \c 0


1e m


r f .n J< t reu, m .ule them ~!·~,:~~~~,~~~~~'Suit, dcud<..·ol t v h old a Sllllti.lr I ~~t p:h~~j~~'li"~~~; i s\\_,;rhl as~fe<l.~;oll~g ~IS
~r, ot · m l noJh: \\<Jm.m, a I
namo: l~ y-s-e-l · e-n·c - k -:~.- 5, o:an orrh· O )t m t ow•
nohl~ prultSSl·Jil. : \1
• · \ Jr.
\ ichoh v ul i t w.1~ " m.o~im <Iollar.; t'or his picture, o n whioil h e proi>abtf

r. t he hi c : :

T 1.:


s tl

) I\


7;~-"al, c;~~~~~Jam: 1~} 1;:~~1\rhJs.h·~:: ~.~~.1;1c•:u"t;~ ~ ;::;~,i~~.:a~~~~blt~e·::_:,:,:.:~:'~~;,lt,~~:_:~~~J :.I ~~·~~~~·:.~t!~!l~ew:J~g~:~~.~~~-~-s :r'_e~~~-~j,':~c .~:~~~i



·I ~~~~~;:.fi a ~:.~L~~g ~:~~\~~>~~~~::~ ,;~n~~~ :7t~u~:~~ ~~\~~d ~:~~~:;~if •· ~\,';:~~~~."~~~t •::~:~c.l~~;;~~~~~·

t :.ys o f h er r.;atling
\lr. ~tchols nmtinuc<l, th.H ,mloli.: ~atittule'lllas . t!rallr a s . .- dl a s figurative'y kn,:x:kL-rl do,.-n
' 'not b~mp.retl i)y r11h~. d ue t o \!r_ Thmn;<..~. j:tpJ'LII!~tJ t o h ts great or when he Uwught t he T
<JUnd stHll ot :i-.3. . \\"an
o: fc· .tn,;:: a nd 11llj•u!..- chestra, , a1 J:'L•uso: J t o t he o:huru~ wluc h h ad !.t l .umputten ! "r $ 8 1 W e st:eHI 11, ht:ar t he ~t:ll a l

! trlv n• '·. ·Jll~ a nd ~)"ll11·il-

· ,•


1~,:r::1 ,,;mt~:·~~~~~r:a~ i~::~.~~~~ 1'~~~ pl:~~~ia'r,~1t h~~;h~,\~o~~h=;~~\::h,~u~•j ::r~~~ a.~:-,~~[.;nw:.~~~ ·1~f], ~t-~'1.!~bl~.~~~1~~ttL~n~

0 /obt



1 -I ~
. 1 ''

~·I '<~ll~: -,~ '~:~,f~;;:~~~~-~~~a~ ~~~~ hJ~'I~l~::·~~- 'J;,',~,1t ~~~~l~d~~~~-~~-]ma~~~h;:~r ~ : ~: I ~~~~-;lr;:;~7~.~ !1 7tt:1 ~;:~• 1~1.~::~ 11a1~ ~~.:nc~~:.7.1 ~):



<I >

<J mol 1a:.d.

i h "m·"

l ie rctltriW<I


a nd n ;Is tr.I111L· ' t hat h.;ro:altcr · ' dug:-t:hc:ap ' ' 1s a n ) bsok t! word,

~ · ~ s n ,_ ::~t:t ~~·. h<'ltl:~e 'c~d~,'ll:;;t~~~;·;u~l~ j ~~~~~-g\~~·\~~·~tc .11~lJ~l~~~:~~~~~~~:~ ~!~;{:;:.:~: ~~fen::~'-~ ~ ~~~~~~~·~:~n-cho:ap
t r ,n

\ lis\, -) ·.' do<":ll·•n 111.1}" h a\o:,Uut h e s aid,"ith .1 ja·rn·ptilolc a1·ccnt, " II'



Will c ).pn s s tl Jowo
n Jt.;h
\\"t: repeat t hnt wt! n>ll,:wtul.<tt· t he pur-

1 ul_t n
n ne
, h m e I' c tmg nl what w u t-lrugglu•g lor :\1md a ,-011<-y of rhet·rs. Ont: o l t he tnbut{"S t o a rthb o ut u l t he n urla:t, tor " ho "01>1<.1 p \.
e_ ro
m . th,· a nt\to''.' s oul 11 h~.-n h<. wrut<: . \ lr. Thom"~ d unn); t .h' e\t:nin.g w as.' ""'~I '.Jr. \1eekL·.·. hi.S priet· l ot .· ''.' Lin:. Oak,". " " b
" he
1-- s ~ ~l·t~·- c Cl>< c \ \hwh llH:rt: wcord~ h ;up."
o f ha)'OU ~o;c n t:ry, when h e o;ould b nome t l e
u 1 1 t lr , 011\"t'l, . md ~~we~ ll form :
po~otssor o l ;t. r eal (;rt:~vhnck~~ {(, r lllr!)" d ol
at I I ltlY
I ,1
h r Vll tMv. l lt:r m~thool
T he CuH'tHII:tl1 l'esuval was a n<-11' d cpanun:, Iars, o r a \ a n Den Buft<:r for e1ght? Hut 11<)
IS ~
1, u 1 n
1< 1~11• h as IJt·en lll\<.:1\IC~: a gn.;at J•rogr.;s.~l\"t: $tt:p m 1\Hht<", t he m111.1t1vc t natter hJr that~ l et o ur -\!liL'Tl• a n ·•rllStS g o
f~ti ' \ 1,JI: I fl 17i~-~~- 1 ~f~~~;~~~t~~~~sr~~~i~r ~- 1" nluch goool i11 t_l 1e futur~-n<>t_ 01~l~· .\1)- an . ~~~";~~· ~; ~~-~-c~:J;;:~~cth~1 ~:~rt·1 ~~.11 ~ ~~~~ ~~~;~~~~


a.' · he

:~r~c;.' t(~~·~;;::~~~\~fl-(:.~;~e=,h~~~~ ~:;:;'\\~:~ t\~1~n~~~~-~·· "/;~ldd~~:~J~~.~~~~j'·~g a\~ ;;~,:,:~7;v.~:i. ~'"-~·r~T:~~~~~~~r :fri,-: ~~~;\~1~~ !~"~~


e thod



, a n · " t rc ,3U 1~!Iorch a IM.:ttl'T s tudy, ah~ne, hut 1" tht: lUlntnUillt ~ l11 11 hl<.h n shalll w e o;an S<JU<:t:Y.t: t wcntr-tive per<.: ·n a d \·.ilorem,
s .ll>:>C:nt, a aJ t he U ht, t hruugh II» ewr·<.:llnobhng a nti r duung a.nd t hen Uuy ~hem a t e1ght d )IIIN aptect!, 1f
· were hud b ue.
u ol for 1~.-~1. L Juu r,;WW...,

a~ tloc ' m oor . ,J t ht &L:tge

' "'

_ .r~-~~;:' "'~".>.;·~~ . . :~ i''"\
, r J"'

:Ia ~.

'-~.~:~ y~,~~~.


d ~intll~trffi,


I Ll'!!


::': ;~~~~ ~d l;an~n1!<! \,-~.

i t! l l



I 'I~ HI·

C ARDS. P. L !!l'Y!.lT&S<I:>.',



1 rr,,\f.>nnfo

~. .ltb<>o

O nlyu< o oholl"b

~I' l it

l 'SI·.!Tl.

\ HIS'!

•ooftblokl1>o In t ho

A \:ll




D RY G Q 0 0 ")


I C\IfkiS'Il\1;


~- ~(l'm:tn.


F OR F Ol"R / IAN!>.\

1'\" T ill· ( '[Tl,

f >l')antl : r••;



N I CHOI.\S L f.:BRl:\,
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1•>7 ,;., h Tim


\V ·~r~~ ~-,\'-~,.;~;~' ~-~.:~J-~r'~ '~
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n ue

J • • ~ ( 1.-te . 1
, C~oiM \

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J 3 LI.T!IO\I.'\

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: -;,,.


.,r.-~~ r. ;~~._.,.;;ed. · ~~~~"";,

' "'

~!. Z1 k

t .fla

lu~h • . ...,"

< !"



C onservatory o f M usic,

1 '1-.b./CH, T•:ac

1 l ie., !-:eve

1 007 1 '1:\f-. ! -iTRFET.




' \ \ I l l \ l L l( &

J / \ \I·S



\ \II F Ltl\\i"RS,
1 -l'IIU. • I ]'J

.14 E TUnEs

I -[.(-.,,

l 'Il'l'IJHf:81Jl'lo.

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" "of ti-e m u





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1 \i!hantt
f ;tl . ....
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$4'001 t-5%5,


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w hout

P .'

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S (J,,

1 \'h·d,..al talldl!ot.ol! lJfl&lt,.la

1!11.\s-. . \,!I f OEk\J \ '\'-II \ TR
y w.ranto:d.




t hY

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" ". ,.lhtdeJ:Fh

tJ 1-·,

Str>:ct, !:>t.l...,ui•.

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J /4 ~.

I' ' olln



y lJ I Ll \ 1.\'\


J ','\1 \ '\,




l 'ul' he<!. b y H OU
1 11 N. Fifth S treet, St. Loui•.


Pleyel'~,;~r:."i 1,.,,.jJe,
Aul•l ~~~·~~~ Zo~=~l>ia,

S tar

C . C zerny.

Sp~nglcd lhnn~r,



Sw<:cth-~:;;\,1~~~\~•;,f Homo·



l'h "'C~50~171l~t~:~{' Quick S ttp,



i<>r l'olk~.
J •un:ral ~brch,
Ala.k.:a R ttl.

1 00

- •so

P rice, $ :t .50.
111 :'li. h fth

F ly • · . ,theoreon, h ir<lr.
J'\y k yon<lthat gloomy ~a;
T htrc\· .. u 'llhno!atruantlovtr,
\ \'looha.,pleolg'tl · ·i•lifctotne, &.:.


S t. I



I ' •1'

y II

) J,J. 1 .\S I ll SC\1.\TZ~I.I:\',

111 S . F: h S ·.-.t, St. I tmi1.


\ lk.

II• L UL\;'1; S S \H.t:'l',

l'o\ ' 1\ET!t SO!>'<;,_

LICJ:CJ:T,E _ fi]JG.•'L ) ffti(Y


r FftULl]Vft.

li \ eM
H arM' w nl h e nul
f l ov..,
Hut h~ h<•Uolll a t
Ar hr:-rov,,;t
a l e, &

S FRFNAilJ.,:(; S ONG, \ \'JTIJ C IIORt.::--.


~L1ry, \1
C lo-c•lhcr

W nrob



Y I . E :'\GI.F.

'Y I I.


P uhh h ed hy

i.~~w;·.1t hr•

loy 1!. B OLl M A:\

BOLL~! A:\'


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Joul . . t r : !n mrt-t.


I ll :\. F ifth


St. i.AJuL

y ll.ROI.I.\1\:\

\\'• . .tsl•y\'.j. E;o.;GJ.L

S enttn n yaddre\ I Onre«">tOf40Cftll<,

h y 1 \0l.l.\1.\:\ & S CILITZ\1 1 :\,
I ll:\'. 1-!ftb

~trc-tl, ~t.

111 N h fth




o nr•:rtptof4<>cent""

Jl .. -",.

i S·'




Th~r.· 1 r

• ••. 4 0Cft1\,

. . ... s o"


her"~ • 1'.\uher \ ' ar.
~Lorth• -H ......... ..
I. :r<Jia Ho>rgia--Jb
• O<:hi r 1
M i· J:u a .

•I~ , . v<Jic~ a t t he " ·inolow
" I have w•t hom~ " here to go. '
-'\ ,,.\ tllll 1h ' ' k r ~ght w ent nn. frcerinJ::
l •nh&r httl< J'-" m th • •·••

4 0"


s o"
5 0"
. . . .. - so"

- -so·

\ \'nrd<\.,-\-.j.l.'\1;11

'I we<>t a nd
l 'u

1 r 1 :>J. Fifth
,J A~1ES

~tre~t, ~~-

G /:'X '!.'.·H. 1<-.\'(lA'.I

/"f.'~' .

I, :-;1 / .nul.,

E I.

0 I ' E R :\


11 n<d:>dc-<O t he


\ Or;o:-,,J).,'-•


3 r\1





rroia B orgia.

\ larlha,
\ luel\e<lel'ortin(MaTnmilln),


> fnpt'ralic !n"JOOiH


tnu~hinglitt1e aon~:.

111 : \. 1-ifth




\ ln-ichy/I.R()LJ.\f_.\:\

l'ulo\i,hl'<\ h y J ln!_J,\L\:\'

,J,ro\l_.y llll!.LMA/10 & S (.:!L\T/\1.-\\',

;o.i I M . \

n>• ,~e~~pulor c'<>~;~ 1 11
.. 1~1 o\arol
lbrln~r ~c S<!' ille,
1\• . ,,.;. . ,


~·~~;h 010~ 0• 1 : 1 ;:;~~~:~ewi:~ ;~\:~.-~~..11,

5 ""


( ,,

I II'.J.Cto(h." 1 \.dtt)-H•ll



, .().\'{,' A ,\'n ( 'f/ORl'S.

T he hlea\; wintry snnw fd! t n shnwero,
T hrhl)"ll w indwashitto-rMolo;o1<1,
~ . ... , ,j, t ,n .. ,


on~.!it ~! ',.~

l bad1 . .


hy B OJ.LMA:\ & S CIIATZ,IA/10,

L .LJ!


t ed I

l l) l iE\' Y II

T hcahove n amed pi~•arearranl:'!'•l in a ncn<y,in·
' tructio·e az><l torilliant 11yle, fur a full Hanoi, i ndudn<J
~,~;~~~n~7:: 11~·:;":;:'1', nnd can ~l,n J,,• p\:>yc<.l hy , ;x o r


Nq }j


O COjlinhni{JI


AVE you h eard t he s weetest a nd m ost
popular song of the d ay?

St. L :~ats ,

! \()J.r),

o ff pi~Y• , ( ol,c lift
in a 1 ,
~E')'(II flat)
a :«s•fu\c, 1


--~ • oo
· <>0

c oPn)

( fiE ('• ] 1/

W "\tt,

D ia

. . ••.


1 :\ue,

M nunlainSpitc(Oalop,

Hook I
l~K>k 2. .
l luokJ. •
JX:>nk 4••

SUIATZ~ ... ~.

T"C ,j>l o h e IIWk

A :-;n r iiF. lll·.~lASTI I~ " T 1.1. l SCI.F,\SII\G.

l 'hr H MtlcCr}'of Fre1··'nm,

h r m ail'






111 ! " . I 'th


" "thl;l,

11rphtt&11• F nfn,



l ta•i.n

T\\'0 \'I·.RY I'RF.TT\' SONGS,

1 \illiam
T h ')' >re



in ~n r n,,. ~n<l !on l iant •t.-1r (t~1rd

g r.-').

Steel and Copper Plate Printing,
! H.\ l .






1 11 !'i•>rth f ifth S treet,

nrol · ,


l 'H E S.;J S



y ,, ing anol
l 'rnllctl..

R r J J/O.lfAS f lFALFR.
11. u ,\,<1 n•>t t hink n fme.
1 \'lwn>hnlll"·emynnti•·< •no!.


f il'



l'uh\ished b y IJOI.l.MA~ & S C!LITZ\1..-1:\',
111 N . F1hh Su-eet,



rrk~ ofeach--~nlo.


F our


.. ,


111 N . F ifth S u=t, SL Lou11,




“The impressario : a monthly magazine devoted to music, art and literature / edited by John W. Butler. Vol 02 No 04 ,” WUSTL Digital Gateway Image Collections & Exhibitions, accessed November 26, 2015, http://omeka.wustl.edu/omeka/items/show/3502.

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