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Receipt for Rent

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Receipt for Rent


Published as number 47 in P.WashU.I;
1 papyrus fragment 12.3 x 7.4;
7 lines of text;
Scope note: This is a receipt issued by Eudoxia for house rent paid by John Apa Moses;
Imaging and cataloging sponsored through APIS III, an NEH funded project.

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PW 47 – Inv 202
Eudoxia . . . to John Apa Moses. I have received for the rent of the house called
Garinosos 1 solidus less 4 and one half carats on the private standard, total 1 solidus less
4 and one half carats. Thoth 5, indiction 14 for the 13th indiction.


“Receipt for Rent,” WUSTL Digital Gateway Image Collections & Exhibitions, accessed May 21, 2019, http://omeka.wustl.edu/omeka/items/show/8059.

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