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Petition to the Royal Scribe Herakleides

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Petition to the Royal Scribe Herakleides


Published with join linking to P.Vindob.Worp 2 as number 77 in P.WashU.II;
1 papyrus fragment 7 x 7.2;
Imaging and cataloging sponsored through APIS III, an NEH funded project.;
Scope note: A petition to the royal scribe Herakleides from Phanias, son of Sarapion, a member of the catoecic cavalry. He is responsible for a compensation from the slave.

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PW 77 – Inv 445+P.Vindob.Worp 2
P.Vindob.Worp 2
To the royal scibe Herakleides from Phanias, son of Sarapion, member of the catoecic
cavalry and tenant of public land. In the present month Hathyr of the 10th year of
Augustus the slave Hilarion has driven the sheep which he has in possession onto royal
land which I cultivate, situated at Takona in the cleros of Kraton and at Tholthis in the
cleroi of Spokes and Moschion. He allowed the land to be grazed upon and trampled
down althought it was in a state of being (about to be?) sown with wheat, and he also
allowed to tbe trampled down land which I have some with [arakos].
PW 77
[In order that . . . he will be] duly [forced] to pay the land taxes and the compulsory
assignment (epibole)[with all speed], 5 artabs of wheet for ever arura of the cleros of
Kraton and 5 ¾ artabs of wheat for ever arura situated at Tholthis, and also to be the
arakos and the wages for sowing and the damage I have suffered or shall suffer because
of the land, I entreat you, if it is appropriate, to take precautions that the petititon be
registred, so that Hilarion knows that the taxes are his, as is written above, and damage
and expenditures are recovered for me so that nothing of the taxes is lost.


“Petition to the Royal Scribe Herakleides,” WUSTL Digital Gateway Image Collections & Exhibitions, accessed December 8, 2022, http://omeka.wustl.edu/omeka/items/show/8105.

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