James Merrill: Life and Archive

On October 22-23, 2015, Washington University hosted the James Merrill Symposium in the Women's Building and Olin Library. See our YouTube channel for videos of all the sessions, and our Open Scholarship site for further information. 

The symposium included an exhibition titled "James Merrill: Life and Archive," in the Olin Library's Ginkgo Room and Grand Staircase Foyer. The exhibition was designed to showcase the James Merrill Papers and the key role they played in the research and writing of Langdon Hammer's biography, James Merrill: Life and Art, published earlier that year. 

This digital exhibit includes everything in the physical exhibition as well as additional items, and has references to where in the biography each item is mentioned or referenced. It is hoped the digital exhibit can serve both as a supplement to the biography as well as an introduction in its own right to James Merrill's life and art through his archive at Washington University. 

Thus, the exhibit's sections to the right reflect the sections of the book, James Merrill: Life and Art, and the subsections reflect the series in the James Merrill Papers.

For more digitized Merrill materials, see The James Merrill Digital Archive, James Merrill: Other Writings, James Merrill's Poetry Manuscripts and Modern Literature Collection: The first 50 Years


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