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Payment of Oil

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Payment of Oil


Published as number 100 in P.WashU.II;
1 papyrus fragment 14 x 6.8;;
Imaging and cataloging sponsored through APIS III, an NEH funded project.;
This appears to be a receipt for payment for oil, but it does not conform to the usual format and terminology. The writing is confi

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PW 100 – Inv 199
The holy Church has conveyed the produce of the olive-garden of Psares into the
administration (?) through me, Chrysus, pr(esbyter?): of oil 76 xestai; seventy-six only.
Mechei (?) 8, Indiction 8-9 (?).




“Payment of Oil,” WUSTL Digital Gateway Image Collections & Exhibitions, accessed May 27, 2018,

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