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Thank you to my family, especially my children, who have supported me in many diverse and curious ways. Thank you to Washington University and the Sam Fox School. Creative work and teaching are often intertwined. I have learned and received so much from students and col-leagues alike. I am deeply grateful to the members of the Ferguson Academic Seed Grant Fund for seeing the value in this work and helping support my ability to give it voice.

Thank you to Olivia Lahs-Gonzales and the Sheldon Art Galleries for agreeing to host this exhi-bition. The project has been complex, with many ambitious goals. I am so glad none of us knew how involved the project would become - we might never have started.

Many people have contributed to the final production of this work- too many to individually name. Special recognition though to Research Assistants, Terri Williams for her incredible tenacity and ability to find crucial information — information which would otherwise remain scat-tered and forgotten, and Kari Varner for her precision and technical prowess. Thank you to Sonya Rooney and Shannon Davis with Washington University Olin Library Special Collections, for helping produce the project’s website.

I am honored to have worked with fellow artists, Denise Ward-Brown and Dail Chambers, and to writers Michael Allen and Azzurra Cox. Their creative voices have added enormous dimension to the project, deepening and extending its message.

Very special thanks to Gwen Moore, Curator of Urban Landscape and Community Identity at the Missouri History Museum. If it were not for her keen eye and fierce spirit, I would not have re-ignited efforts to exhibit this work. More than once Gwen’s persistent and steadfast belief in the project buoyed me and brought me back to focus. Also, a profound thank you to Jesse Vogler- my excellent friend and creative partner. With boundless enthusiasm and deep understanding, he has offered wisdom and unwavering support, listeningto my ideas and providing thoughtful counsel.

Finally, I offer this work to the community of Washington Park Cemetery. This exhibition is a small gesture, but one I hope will inspire cultural awareness and civicaccountability. Above all I wish to honor the historical and personal narratives of the people of Washington Park Cemetery- those who were buried there and those still living and remembering.