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A photograph of Peter Tourville, James Merrill's friend from the early 1960s onward, who was "country-lean from outdoor labor, with a gravelly voice and easy laugh, [and] a stoner's squint[.]" Merrill purchased Tourville a small apple orchard, where…

This photo album, entitled "Happy Days at Stonington," includes snapshots taken around James Merrill and David Jackson's home at 107 Water Street, along with colorful commentary.

A photo of Peter Hooten, James Merrill's last partner. Their relationship started in 1983, when Hooten declared his love for Merrill "on Valentine's Eve," in Key West, Florida.

Photo of Richard Howard, a fellow poet, "poetry reviewer and editor with an ornate prose style and caustic wit...Social and generous, with a healthy measure of amour propre." Howard was the dedicatee of "Lost in Translation."

Shirley Baker, Helen Vendler, and James Merrill at "James Merrill: A Life in Writing" symposium at Washington University, Nov. 18-19, 1994. Vendler is an esteemed professor and poetry critic who had been championing Merrill's work at least since…

Jim Boatwright, a.k.a. "the Colonel," was a professor at Washington and Lee University and editor of the literary magazine Shenandoah. Merrill had gotten to know Boatwright in Athens, although he also lived in Key West. Like Merrill, Boatwright died…

Richard & Charlee Wilbur, Merrill's Key West neighbors. Richard Wilbur was a fellow Amherst grad and accomplished poet, as well as a longtime friend and supporter of Merrill's work. Charlee Wilbur played matchmaker with Merrill and Peter Hooten.…

Hooten, Merrill, Yenser in a photo capturing a happy moment between the three.

J. D. McClatchy, an admirer and then good friend of James Merrill's, is an accomplished poet and librettist, professor and critic. He went on to become Merrill's co-literary executor, along with Stephen Yenser.

James Merrill with Tony Harwood, one of Merrill's first friends at Lawrenceville. The two remained friends, although their friendship became strained as Tony "grew progressively more detached and paranoid."
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