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Typescript photocopy of the Purdue Universityreading version of the story "In the Heart of the Heart of the Country." Includes notations by Gass.

"William Gass...A Man Who Says What He Thinks," Purdue People, University News Service, Purdue University, Number 13 (December 1967).

The Students of Purdue University Best Teacher in the School of Humanities award, May 1968

Sigma Delta Chi Professional Journalistic Society Best Teacher Award, 1967-1968.

"Art and Other Things: A Conversation with William Gass," The Purdue Exponent, May 22, 1969

Standard Oil (Indiana) Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award from Purdue University for William Howard Gass for his signal and effective performance in the instruction of undergraduate students.

Program for a "Teach-In on 'The Concept of Freedom,'" at Purdue University, Indianapolis Campus. Includes a lecture by William H. Gass, "Free and Un-Free Freedom."
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