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Recollections by William Gass about his time in the United States Navy during and immediately following World War II. Gass wrote the piece specifically for the "William Gass: The Soul Inside the Sentence" digital exhibit.

William H. Gass during World War II.

Autograph letter signed from William H. Gass to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gass, September 2, 1945.

Portrait of William H. Gass by R.A. Weld during World War II.

William H. Gass's World War II United States Navy uniform. Photograph by Michael Eastman.

Autograph letter signed from William H. Gass to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gass September 11, 1945.

U.S. Navy Officer Service Record

Map drawn by Gass depicting places traveled with U.S. Navy during World War II

William Gass's Navy Reserve Officer dog tags, worn during his service in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

U.S.S. Pasadena wallet card souvenir issued to Ensign William H. Gass, U.S.N.R., showing he was present in Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1945 at the signing of surrender terms of the Allied Nations by the Japanese.
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