Waiting for Godot Prompt Book, 1975

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Waiting for Godot Prompt Book, 1975


Beckett, Samuel, 1906-1989. Waiting for Godot.


Waiting for Godot : tragicomedy in 2 acts. Annotated by Cluchey on first free endpaper: "1st Prompt-book/Berlin/1975." A presentation copy, inscribed on title page: "With love for Rick/from Sam/Sept. 1988." Cluchey also wrote below Beckett’s inscription: "Rick Cluchey/Samuel Beckett/San Quentin Drama Workshop Godot Production./1963 – 1983/Stage Book." Heavily annotated and underlined throughout by Cluchey.
This prompt book was used for the landmark 1975 Berlin production of Waiting for Godot at the Schiller-Theater that Beckett himself directed – for the first time – and which starred two of the original cast members from the earlier 1965 presentation, though in reverse roles. Beckett had long believed the play to be confusing and clumsily visualized, though, and he used the opportunity to clarify both the text and stage directions. Copiously marked up with colored underlining and autograph notations, the book reveals in vivid detail the extensive revisions Beckett made to his original work, which included dialogue changes, the excision of entire scenes, new directorial emphases, and alterations to the staging. Cluchey witnessed these modifications first-hand, as he had been invited to observe the rehearsals by Beckett, and his faithful notations graphically demonstrate the intimate theatrical tutelage he has begun to receive from the author.
Spec copy 4: In a portfolio and slipcase with Spec copy 5 and Warten auf Godot (Schiller Theater program for German production of Waiting for Godot). Spec copy 4: Signed on front free endpaper: "Rick Cluchey, 1st prompt-book, Berlin/1975"; on title page: "Rick Cluchey/Samuel Beckett, San Quentin Drama Workshop 1963/1983, Godot production. Stage book." Spec copy 4: Inscribed by the author: "With love for Rick from Sam, Sept. 1988." Spec copy 4 & 5: Heavily annotated by Rick Cluchey.


PR6003.E283 E513 1954 c.4 & 5


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