Waiting for Godot Prompt Book, 1984

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Waiting for Godot Prompt Book, 1984


Beckett, Samuel, 1906-1989. Waiting for Godot.


Waiting for Godot : tragicomedy in 2 acts. Annotated by Cluchey on first free endpaper: "2nd Prompt-Book/London/1984." A presentation copy, inscribed on title page: "for Rick/with love/from Sam/London/1.3.84." Heavily annotated and underlines throughout by Cluchey.
In early 1984, Cluchey’s San Quentin Theater Workshop was invited to perform Waiting for Godot at the Adelaide Festival in Australia, but funding for both the trip and the production was predicated on Beckett being involved. As a compromise, Beckett agreed to oversee a staging directed by his friend Walter Asmus, who had served as his assistant director for the 1975 Berlin presentation, and for two weeks he supervised rehearsals at Riverside Studios in London, with Cluchey playing Pozzo. This prompt book directly reflects the significant, Beckett-generated emendations the author made to the 1975 version, and includes additional notations and alterations.
Spec copy 5: 52nd printing. Spec copy 5: In a portfolio and slipcase with Spec copy 4 and Warten auf Godot (Schiller Theater program for German production of Waiting for Godot). Spec copy 5: Signed on front free endpaper: "Rick Cluchey, 2nd prompt book, London, 1984." Spec copy 5: Inscribed by the author: "For Rick with love from Sam, London, 1.3.84."


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