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Signature of Naḥman Nathan Coronel

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Signature of Naḥman Nathan Coronel


Coronel, Naḥman Nathan, 1810-1890


This is the signature of Naḥman Nathan Coronel (also Koronel), a Dutch rabbi, preacher and author.

He was born in Amsterdam in 1810 to a Sephardi father (Rabbi David) and Ashkenazi mother. He studied at the local Talmud Torah and at the Sephardi yeshiva Portugees Israëlietisch Seminarium Ets Haim, as well as under great Ashkenazi rabbis in Amsterdam and The Hague. He was a student of Rabbi Tsebi Hirsch Lehren, whose signature also appears in the Brisman collection.

At the age of 20 Coronel decided to emigrate to Erets Yisrael (Palestine). He had great difficulty leaving the country since passports were not granted to those eligible for military service, but eventually received one after proving he was a rabbi and preacher. He arrived in Jerusalem circa 1830, and because the Jewish community there was still small he chose to settle in Tsfat, where he met his wife Shifra Breindel. They married in 1835 and two years later moved to Jerusalem where Coronel studied Kabbalah. After moving to Jerusalem, he began collecting donations for yeshiva students and served as a rabbinical emissary to raise funds.

Coronel also researched and collected ancient manuscripts, which he interpreted, published and occasionally sold to libraries in Europe. In 1854 his first book “Beit Natan” was published in Vilna, in which he discusses alternative versions of the tractate Berakhot based on ancient manuscripts. He was a prolific author and published six other books in his lifetime, leaving several books unpublished after his death in 1890. He died in Jerusalem and is buried on the Mount of Olives.

His name is signed "Natan Koronel" followed by the abbreviation for "Jewish community." The rest of the inscription is covered by an ownership stamp but probably includes the name of the city where Coronel was residing at the time.


Coronel, Naḥman Nathan, 1810-1890


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