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Nativity. Here the infant Christ holds the egg, foreshadowing later events.

For piano.
T.p. ill. (copy 1): lithograph drawing of Festival Hall and the Central Cascades; light blue sky and light blue water; drawing flanked by a column on each side.
T.p. ill. (copy 2): lithograph drawing of Festival Hall and the Central…

Clips from an October 1988 WGBH Boston presentation of Beckett Directs Beckett featuring a Paris performance of "Waiting for Godot" by members of the San Quentin Drama Workshop. The film was directed by Walter D. Asmus. The play was directed by…

Physical Description - small 3"x4.5", accordion style travel book that folds out to reveal a map of forest park. Printed on white heavy coated inkjet paper - 35 lb. Catalog record.

Frederick Buechner, James Merrill's good friend from Lawrenceville, hanging from tree. "Freddy was an enthusiastic reader and a talented writer, with a confident, energetic mind that reveled in words and stories."