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Physical Description - Full black cloth; split boards.

Physical Description - The book has an accordion fold binding, materials used; grey construction paper, laser cut chip board pieces, acetate, (Cover) chip board, Granes paper, sticky back. The core of the book is acetate and translucent stick back…

Physical Description - In paper wrappers; spiral bound; dos-a-dos binding.

Physical Description - In paper wrappers; accordion-fold format (flutterbook).

Title Description - In these square black and white photographs of the Svit plant in Zlín, Veronika Zapletalová shows the formalist architecture of the industrial building under attack by its own ventilation system. The pipes and ducts…

Title Description - In this photographic amble down the winter streets of New York and Long Island the artist brings our attention to the city-dweller's chilly ritual of discarding the Christmas tree in the gutter. Straightforward and a little sad.…

Physical Description - Typical Case-Board Book, french-fold book. Butter board cover, coated printing paper Catalog record.
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