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Physical Description - Full black cloth; split boards.

Physical Description - The book has an accordion fold binding, materials used; grey construction paper, laser cut chip board pieces, acetate, (Cover) chip board, Granes paper, sticky back. The core of the book is acetate and translucent stick backā€¦

Physical Description - Binding: Japanese side-stitch; Materials: Handmade Japanese paper, black Cave paper cover, white string; Printing: Xerox

Physical Description - In paper wrappers; accordion-fold format (flutterbook).

Physical Description - In stiff paper wrappers; accordion-fold format (flutter book).

Physical Description - Rolodex, White Acrylic Paint, Cardstock, each page individually cut (including the holes attaching them to Rolodex) and printed in ink jet printer. Catalog record.

Physical Description - Folded map inside hand-made case. Thread and ink on Japanese hand-made paper. Catalog record.

Physical Description - This is a modified accordion book. The pages are Arches Text Laid and the cover is handmade cedar bark paper. The images were printed using pronto plates and lithography ink and painted with watercolor. Catalog record.

Title Description - Souvenir photographs from a tour through blighted America, this small book manages to make dead rats, vacant lots, rotten apples and nuclear reactors look luridly alluring. 29 June 2009 (printedmatter.org).
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