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Title Description - Each page of this beautifully designed and produced book moves the reader slowly and mysteriously through an image of an empty hanging dress into a similarly ghostly building and then out through the back of the dress. The text,…

Physical Description - Rolodex, White Acrylic Paint, Cardstock, each page individually cut (including the holes attaching them to Rolodex) and printed in ink jet printer. Catalog record.

Title Description - "Anthony Hernandez’s Pictures for Rome (1998-99), made while he was a fellow at the American Academy, make no reference to any iconic images of that historic city and its famous edifices. Instead, these elegantly disturbing…

Title Description - Without words and with one slow pan, this book of photographs portrays a whole world. Starting inside, with a shot of a young woman absorbed in her reading and the music on her headphones, the view moves outward into the streets,…
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