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Title Description - Behind the bright safety-orange covers of this book you will find hand-drawn maps of LA made by strangers approached by the author at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Everyone has his or her own idea of what LA is, and this book…

Title Description - In this diary-like artist’s book, Sligh recounts a recent trip to Japan through a thoughtfully constructed montage of photography, texts, and details of abstract, gestural paintings. In personal and poetic musings, the…

Title Description - Souvenir photographs from a tour through blighted America, this small book manages to make dead rats, vacant lots, rotten apples and nuclear reactors look luridly alluring. 29 June 2009 (printedmatter.org).

Title Description - In Meador's latest work, he travels in northernmost Russia to the White Sea near the Arctic Circle to the Solovetski Monastery that became the first GULAG. The story is super-saturated as are the tints of the photographs that are…

Title Description - Following in the tradition of artists’ books in the form of scrapbooks, Bulk offers a collection of diary entries, snapshots, cut outs from newspapers and magazines and found pieces of paper on which the artist has written.…

Physical Description - Pages printed on a continuous strip, 11 x 89 cm., folded accordion style to 11 x 8 cm Catalog record.

Title Description - 'Greater Los Angeles' draws a picture of the LA county by using hundreds of snap shot pictures, interviews with people met accidentally by the authors and short reports by themselves. On more that 600 pages the book shows 80…

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