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Physical Description - This is a modified accordion book. The pages are Arches Text Laid and the cover is handmade cedar bark paper. The images were printed using pronto plates and lithography ink and painted with watercolor. Catalog record.

Physical Description - small 3"x4.5", accordion style travel book that folds out to reveal a map of forest park. Printed on white heavy coated inkjet paper - 35 lb. Catalog record.

Title Description - In 2001 Laurie Palmer sent out an open request for proposals to transform an unused patch of public land set aside by the city of Chicago in 1987 as a future park dedicated to Haitian-French trader Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable,…

Title Description - St. Louis Colorscapes documents eighty-four consecutive days in two environments – one built and one grown. Their juxtaposition highlights how they differ from each other and how each condition changes independently. The…

Title Description - Documents vegetation of traffic islands in urban settings. 29 June 2009 (printedmatter.org). Catalog record.

Physical Description - "Typeface: Adobe Caslon Pro (regular and semibold). Paper: Hahanemule [sic] Gutenberg Laid, creamy tan (main); Lama Li, deep sea green (accent); Mexican bark paper, dark brown (accent)"--Colophon. Catalog record.

Title Description - At the invitation of the Public Art Fund, Mark Dion created The Urban Wildlife Observation Unit, a small work station in Madison Square Park, in which he conducted research on his surroundings from July 11 - October 31, 2002. A…

Title Description - The Urban Fauna Information Station is made up of a travelling trio of artists observing and logging all manner of metropolitan animal life, from the goose lamp illuminating an apartment window to a butterfly collection at a…

Title Description - In 1992, Zurich's Platspitz park--once a 19th century source of inspiration for nature lovers including James Joyce--made international headlines as the open-air home to some 3,000 illegal drug users and dealers. It was…