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Abstractions Arrive: Having Been There All the Time. Essay by William H. Gass. Photographs by Michael Eastman, October 2009. Published as an iPad ebook, 2012.

“Cupples Station: A Tale of Unrequited Love” by William H. Gass, Gateway Heritage, Volume 18, Number 1 (Summer 1997).

College essay by Gass about the refrain in poetry, with comments and grade by Professor Daiches.

"Editor Bill Gass Waxes Baconian With an Essay...On Reading," essay by William H. Gass for his high school newspaper, The Cauldron, circa 1942.

First page of a two-page clipping of "From Some Ashes No Bird Rises" essay by William H. Gass, reviewingPhoenix and Phoenix II by D.H. Lawrence.

The first 10 of 63 pages of a printout draft of the essay, "Romancing the Mind," published inConjunctions: 59, Fall 2012.


The first 10 pages (including cover page) of Gass's philosophy essay from college, "Sermon on Substance." Entire essay is 50 pages.

“Shelf Life” by William H. Gass, St. Louis Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 12 (December 2007)

“St. Louis Bound: A City of Parks and Churches and Neighborhoods, Neither East, Nor West, Nor North, Nor South, But a City as Human as a Ball Game, as Friendly as a Glass of Beer” by William H. Gass, Travel Holiday, September 1993

Corrected proof of an essay on Sigmund Freud published as "Freud's Fierce Science" inThe New York Review of Bookson April 17, 1975, and collected as "The Anatomy of the Mind" inThe World Within the Word.
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