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“Shelf Life” by William H. Gass, St. Louis Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 12 (December 2007)

First four of seven pages of “The Master’s Voice: Henry James’s Curriculum Vitae” by William H. Gass, Harper’s Magazine (August 2008). Printed from harpers.org. The essay was later collected in Life Sentences.

"William Gass" by Dorothea Wolfgram, Washington University Magazine, Volume 44, Number 2 (Winter 1974)

“Cupples Station: A Tale of Unrequited Love” by William H. Gass, Gateway Heritage, Volume 18, Number 1 (Summer 1997).

River Styx, Number 21, 1986. A special issue devoted to “Family Album,” a slide lecture by Gass that was later adapted as a section of The Tunnel.

Modern Literature Collection, Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 1994 issue featuring “The Art of Self: Autobiography in an Age of Narcissism” by William H. Gass. Published as “The Art of Self” in Harper’s Magazine (May 1994) and…

Cover for Willie Masters' Lonesome Wife by William H. Gass, Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 1968(TriQuarterly Supplement Number Two).

"The Case of the Obliging Stranger," reprint from The Philosphical Review, Volume LXVI, Number 2 (April 1957). Collected in Fiction and the Figures of Life.

Title Description - Baggage is the central theme of this fourth issue of Irregulomadaire. Its full bleed photographs by Judith Depaule, Pierre Getzler, Anne Houbart, Molly Fournel and others are beautifully printed in a combination of…
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