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Printout draft of "Dis.covery," later published as "In Defense of the Book," in Harper's Magazine, Australian Financial Review, Los Angeles Times, The Best American Essays of 2000, and as a chapbook, then collected in A Temple of Texts.

First four of seven pages of “The Master’s Voice: Henry James’s Curriculum Vitae” by William H. Gass, Harper’s Magazine (August 2008). Printed from harpers.org. The essay was later collected in Life Sentences.

Typescript draft of “Sweets.” A fictional memoir published as “Sweet Things” in Harper’s Magazine (February 1992) and included in The Tunnel.

Autograph draft fragments titled "The Masques of the Self," eventually published as "The Art of Self: Autobiography in an Age of Narcissism," Harper's Magazine, May 1994, reprinted inThe Best American Essays of 1994, reprinted and translated into…
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