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William H. Gass reading "The Cost of Everything" fromThe Tunnel, at an Academic Committee Reading in the Women's Building on the Washington University in St. Louis Campus. This file is only the first hour of the reading/recording. An unidentified…

William H. Gass reading "At Death's Door," fromThe Tunnel, at Duff's Restaurant in St. Louis, as part of a collaborative River Styx and International Writers Center reading, with Lorin Cuoco and visiting poet Anton Shammas.

Interview with William Gass for the KWMU radio program, "Literary Profiles." Interviewed by Lorin Cuoco, Gass discusses his childhood, education, interest in writing and reading, philosophy and literature, etc. At the 10 minute mark Gass reads from…

Launch of the audiobook recording of The Tunnel at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in New York, February 22, 2006. Features William H. Gass and Lorin Cuoco.

William H. Gass reading "Today I Begin to Dig" from The Tunnel. Excerpt from the 2005 audio book recording. The Tunnel, Normal, IL: Dalkey Archive Press, 2005

William H. Gass reading "A Fugue," an excerpt from the author's 2005 audio book recording of The Tunnel.

William H. Gass at Clayton Studios during the recording of The Tunnel. Photographs by Michael Eastman, 2005.

Published version of “William Gass” interview by Jan Garden Castro forBomb, Number 51, Spring 1995

River Styx, Number 21, 1986. A special issue devoted to “Family Album,” a slide lecture by Gass that was later adapted as a section of The Tunnel.

Typescript draft of “Sweets.” A fictional memoir published as “Sweet Things” in Harper’s Magazine (February 1992) and included in The Tunnel.
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