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Typed manuscript of “Proust at 100.” Published as “One Hundred Years of Proust” in The New York Times Book Review (July 11, 1971) and in The World Within the Word.

Dust jacket for the first edition ofThe World Within the Word by William H. Gass, New York: Knopf, 1978.

The first 159 pages of the setting copy ofThe World Within the Word. Includes the title and credit pages, and the first five essays: "The Doomed in their Sinking" (p. 1-17), "Malcom Lowery" (p. 18-46), "Wisconsin Death Trip" (p. 47-54), "Mr. Blotner,…

Invitation for the 9th Annual Rabbi Irving M. Levey Lecture: William H. Gass presenting "Carrots, Noses, Snow, Rose, Roses: The Ontological Transformation of Language and Literature." Also published in The Journal of Philosophy, Nov. 7, 1976. An…

Corrected proof of an essay on Sigmund Freud published as "Freud's Fierce Science" inThe New York Review of Bookson April 17, 1975, and collected as "The Anatomy of the Mind" inThe World Within the Word.

Typescript draft fragments and autograph notes for Gass's review of Wisconsin Death Trip by Michael Lesy, published in June 24, 1973 issue of The New York Review of Books, and collected in The World Within the Word.
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