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Printer's final copy of In the Heart of the Heart of the Country, July 6, 1967

Typescript draft of an introduction for Donald Barthelme by William H. Gass.

Typescript drafts of Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife by William H. Gass.

"Marianne Moore’s Lexicon Complied as a Companion to Her Complete Poems" by William H. Gass. Created for the Philosophy and Literature Spring 1999 class during Gass’s final semester of teaching.

Typed manuscript drafts of “The Religion of Consciousness” by William H. Gass. Essay on Katherine Anne Porter, stolen and published by a fellow professor at Purdue University—the same professor who stole the Omensetter’s Luck…

Typed manuscript of “Proust at 100.” Published as “One Hundred Years of Proust” in The New York Times Book Review (July 11, 1971) and in The World Within the Word.

Printout of outline for the philippics and levels of organization inThe Tunnel. Also includes a structural description and notes on the text, form and issues in the novel.

The first ten pages of the first typed draft of The Tunnel

"Outcast on the Mountains of the Heart" excerpt from The Tunnel.

Manuscript draft fragments of "Toy Beer," a short story written by Gass, with autograph draft of letter to Mona Van Duyn on verso, replying to her invitation for him to send manuscripts to the newly forming Modern Literature Collection at Washington…
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