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Donald Barthelme, William Gaddis, and Muriel Oxenberg Murphy at a party celebrating William H. Gass's election to the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, 1983.

Typescript draft of an introduction for Donald Barthelme by William H. Gass.

Washington and Lee University, A Symposium on Contemporary Fiction featuring William H. Gass, Susan Sontag, Grace Paley, Donald Barthelme, October 28-30, 1975.

Brochure catalog of short courses offered in the Fall 1972 - Spring 1973 academic year at Washington University in St. Louis. Includes "The Character of Contemporary American Fiction," taught by William H. Gass.

Announcement for Washington and Lee University's "Symposium on Contemporary Fiction," with Donald Barthelme, William Gass, Grace Paley and Susan Sontag, presented by the Glasgow Endowment Committee.
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