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Typescript draft of an introduction for Donald Barthelme by William H. Gass.

William H. Gass introducing David Foster Wallace at the West Campus Conference Center on Washington University in St. Louis campus, for a reading Wallace gave for the International Writers Center.

William H. Gass introduces Wililam Gaddis, who speaks on the subject of religion for the International Writers Center symposium, The Writer and Religion.

Prospectus featuring "Michael's Horses" anintroduction by William H. Gass to Michael Eastman's Horses, September 1999.

Printout draft of "Tribute to Chancellor Danforth," an introduction to William H. Danforth, possibly on the occasion of his retirement.

Printout draft of Gass introduction of Toni Morrison.

Corrected typescript for an introduction of Joseph Campbell presenting "The Spiritual Background of Oriental Art."

Corrected drafts and draft fragments for two introductions to John Barth--one designated April 12, 1987, for River Styx.

Corrected typescript draft of an introduction by Gass of Stanley Elkin.
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