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Unspeakable Practices IV: Celebrating 25 Years of Conjunctions, Brown University, October 4, 2006. Includes Bradford Morrow, Ben Marcus, Joanna Scott, Robert Coover, William Gass, Mary Gass, John Barth, Mary Caponegro, Robert Kelly, among others.

Heide Ziegler, Jack Hawkes, William H. Gass, and John Barth at an American-German conference in Germany, July 1979

"Pole Vaulting in Top Hats: A Public Conversation with John Barth, William Gass, and Ishmael Reed," University of North Dakota, Spirit of Place: 6th Annual UND Writers Conference. Also includes a typed letter signed from James McKensize to William H.…

Corrected drafts and draft fragments for two introductions to John Barth--one designated April 12, 1987, for River Styx.

Brochure catalog of short courses offered in the Fall 1972 - Spring 1973 academic year at Washington University in St. Louis. Includes "The Character of Contemporary American Fiction," taught by William H. Gass.

An announcement for readings by John Hawkes, William Gass and John Barth at the Centre Culturel Americain in Paris, France. Autograph notes by Gass on the verso.
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