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Stanley Elkin introduces Gass and then Gass delivers his essay "The Habitations of the Word" to an audience in the Hurst Lounge on the Washington University in St. Louis campus.

Literary St. Louis: A Guide edited by Lorin Cuoco and William H. Gass,International Writers Centerand Missouri Historical Society Press.Distributed by University of Missouri Press, 2000. Featured articles concerning Stanley Elkin and Howard Nemerov.

William H. Gass and Stanley Elkin

"A Conversation with Stanley Elkin and William H. Gass," by Jeffrey L. Duncan, The Iowa Review, Volume 7, Number 1 (Winter 1976).

Program for the events surrounding the T.S. Eliot Centennial Celebration - collaborative events sponsored by River Styx, St. Louis Humanities Forum, the St. Louis Chamber Chorus and the T.S. Eliot Society. Includes contributions by and images of…

Corrected typescript draft of an introduction by Gass of Stanley Elkin.
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