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Announcement of a Gass lecture in Peoria, Illinois, as part of the Olive White Lecture Series at Bradley University. Includes brief description of Gass's books and the lecture.


Invitation for the 9th Annual Rabbi Irving M. Levey Lecture: William H. Gass presenting "Carrots, Noses, Snow, Rose, Roses: The Ontological Transformation of Language and Literature." Also published in The Journal of Philosophy, Nov. 7, 1976. An…

Program for two lectures by William H. Gass at Harvard University, as part of the Tanner Lectures on Human Values: "The Eye is the First Circle," and "The Fulfillment of Form," titled collectively, "Eye and Idea."

Program for a "Teach-In on 'The Concept of Freedom,'" at Purdue University, Indianapolis Campus. Includes a lecture by William H. Gass, "Free and Un-Free Freedom."

Advertisment for “Carrots, Noses, Snow, Rose, Roses: The Ontological Transformation of Language and Literature," a lecture given by William H. Gass at Princeton University,
April 12, 1976.

An invitation to the "In Defense of the Book" presentation by William H. Gass at the Washington University Houston Club.

Announcement of a lecture by Gass, "The Eye is the First Circle," as part of The Solomon Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities Series, at The University of Washington.

The Philadelphia Association for Psychoanalysis 23rd Annual Freud Memorial Lecture delivered by William H. Gass who discussed "The Soul Inside the Sentence," April 13, 1976.

Gass lecture titled "Beginnings," delivered in Graham Chapel at Washington University in St. Louis, the first in the Assembly Series for the 1976-77 academic year.

The first hour of Gass's lecture, titled "Four Theories of Love," delivered in Hurst Lounge on the Washington University in St. Louis campus. The theories of love are from Plato, Stendhal (19th Century French writer), Rainer Maria Rilke and Sigmund…
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