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Selections from For James Merrill: A Birthday Tribute, a 60th birthday present from J. D. McClatchy with tributes from friends, including Anthony Hecht, Robin Magowan, John Hollander, Mary McCarthy, Tony Parigory and Bernard de Zogheb. Scans feature…

Tony Parigory and James Merrill. "Tall, smiling, Alexandrian Tony...In his worldly wisdom, off-color jokes, and macaronic bons mots...he resembled none of Merrill's friends so much as Ephraim, the Familiar Spirit."

"Tony: Ending the Life," published in A Scattering of Salts, is an "expansive elegy for his friend" (Tony Parigory, who died in summer 1993 of AIDS), "and (it is all but explicit) himself." Merrill had been largely silent about his AIDS diagnosis but…

James Merrill letter to Tony Parigory discussing typing the Ouija transcripts to make a prose memoir. Merrill also mentions his problem of losing the novel manuscripts.
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