Books of Hours: Section 2

David Gazing at Bathsheba

David observing the bathing Bathsheba was a popular image. This scene is the precursor for later scenes of David as penitent.

St. Sebastian and St. Christopher

St. Sebastian, depicted with arrows, makes many appearances in Books of Hours. According to the Legenda Aurea , his relics helped stop a plague in Italy. Subsequently, he was invoked to aid plague victims, and hence his popularity. St. Christopher was an intercessor for travelers. St. Christopher (whose name literally means “the one who carries Christ”) was a giant who carried the infant Christ across a river.

Virgin holding an egg, with Peacock

In a unique portrayal, the Virgin appears here outside her room with the infant Christ and a red egg. The Virgin holding the egg shows her hand in the matter and foreshadows Christ's resurrection. The peacock, making his appearance behind the Virgin and Child, further emphasizes the immortal life brought into effect by Christ's resurrection.

Departure from the Church

See Office of the Dead , section VIII

Books of Hours: Section 2