Section 2

Sext: Adoration of the Three Magi

Typically a star guided the Magi to Bethlehem and represents Divine guidance. Melchior, the older of them, with crown removed in reverence towards the Infant, brings Frankincense in a chalice; Balthasar brings Myrrh; Caspar brings Gold.

None: Presentation in the Temple

40 days after Christ's birth, Mary presented the child and made an offering, according to Mosaic custom. The high priest receives the child while the figure behind Mary brings the customary offering of doves.

Vespers: Flight into Egypt

Mary, Joseph, and the infant Christ flee to Egypt. Soldiers follow, but are prevented by the wheat fields. Legends told of how freshly harvested fields sprouted forth wheat to help the Holy Family escape. They fled to escape Herod's slaughter of the young children, an event frequently represented by a decapitated child in the background. In this particular illumination, a broken golden statue is depicted instead. Recalling an apocryphal Biblical text popular in the middle ages, this depiction tells of the idols in the temple suddenly breaking when the Virgin and Christ entered.