Section 1

As usual, Mary and the disciple John stand in mourning. This illumination is full of narration; the centurion Longinus holds a scroll with his words upon it: vere Dei Filius erat iste “truly this was the Son of God.” Another figure pierces Christ, and the flowing blood prefigures the Eucharist. Both the sun and moon appear because, according to tradition, an eclipse occurred at the Crucifixion.

A simple crucifixion scene, with Mary and John standing on each side, and a decorative background rather than a landscape. Above Christ's head is the inscription INRI ( Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum , “Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews”).

Christ as Man of Sorrows
Half-length Christ figure. Christ is depicted as the Man of Sorrows. References to royalty are seen in his crown of thorns and his purple garments shown below. Also below are the dice, which represent the soldiers' gambling for Christ's garments. Additional symbols of the passion, such as a hammer, appear in the border. The significance of the figure in the upper-right remains uncertain.