Gass completed the U.S. Navy V-12 Program in 1943, then Columbia Midshipman School and Harvard Communications School. He served as a Communications Officer in the Pacific Theater of World War II until being discharged in 1946.

As with the Education page, the items on this page were loaned to us by William and Mary Gass for this exhibit. Gass kept many objects from his Navy days, including his dog tags, officer's hat and coat, and souvenirs like a USS Pasedena wallet card showing he was present in the Bay of Tokyo for the Japanese surrender. Perhaps most valuable, to history and literary buffs alike, are the many letters Gass wrote to his parents while at sea during the war and on shore in post-war Japan, in which he shares very detailed observations and items like Japanese photos and currency. Two of these letters, including one written on V-J Day, are included here.

We are very pleased that Gass offered to write an essay for us about his Navy experiences. See "My Memories of the Service" below.