Petition to the Royal Scribe Herakleides

77, "Petition to the Royal Scribe Herakleides" (join of Inv. 445+P.Vindob.Worp 2)

Scope note: A petition to the royal scribe Herakleides from Phanias, son of Sarapion, a member of the catoecic cavalry. He is responsible for a compensation from the slave.

Register of Contracts of Loan (recto); Private Account (verso)

78, "Register of Contracts of Loan" (join of Inv. 14+317, recto)

Cancelled Order to Pay (?)

79, "Cancelled Order to Pay (?)"

Account Expenses for River Freight

80, "Account of Expenses for River Freight"

List of Villages, Men and Money

81, "List of Villages, Men and Money"

Scope note: An accounting of villages, men, and money.

Receipt on Oath of Grain for Transport

82, "Receipt on Oath of Grain for Transport"

Payments to Boat owners (?)

83, "Payments to Boat Owners (?)"

List of Payments by Villagers

84, "List of Payments by Villagers"