11, "Agreement"

Scope note: The recto is the tail end of an agreement probably relating to the lease or sale of real estate. The verso is a scribe's note that t

Two Agreements, One Concerting Sale of Part of a House

12, "Two Agreements, One Concerning Sale of Part of a House"

Scope note: There are two agreements, in different hands, which may be concerning the same subject. The second is an acknowledgement of part of property.

Revocation of a Will

13, "Revocation of a Will"

 Scope note: This document appears to be an impromptu cancellation of a will, and the subject is (for unknown reasons) unable to withdraw the orig witnesses. As the left half of the document is missing, there is room for four other witnesses, the number required for a legal will.

Fragment of a Lease

14, "Fragment of a Lease"

Scope note: A short frament of a lease.

Contract of Sale or Lease (?)

15, "Contract of Sale or Lease (?)"

Scope note: The exact nature of this fragment is impossible to determine because of the gap near ln 8, but it appears to be a contract of sale.  


Scope note: This is a lease, probably of a small amount of land since the rent is low and is paid both in money and in kind.


17, "Lease"

Scope note: This document is a lease of land between lessor Flavius John (stratelatianos) and lessee Aurelius John.

Farm Account and Journal

18, "Farm Account and Journal" (join of Inv. 136+137)

This document is a listing of farm accounts and work done.