43, "Letter"

Scope note: In this 7 line fragment of a letter, despota appears three times.


44, "Letter"

Scope note: This is a letter addressed to someone apparently on intimate terms with the sender. Cold weather has arrived and the recipient is a ...


45, "Letter"

Scope note: This is a receipt for rent in the amount of 8 drachmas for the year, from Aurelius Didymus (lessor) to Aurelius Theon (lessee).

Receipt for Grain Delivered

46, "Receipt for Grain Delivered" (join of Inv. 274+276)

Scope note: This is a receipt for 400 artabs of grain issued by Joseph, son of Paesios (monk and steward of a monastery named Campos), to Kollou explicit reason that Joseph is illiterate.

Receipt for Rent

47, "Recept for Rent"

Scope note: This is a receipt issued by Eudoxia for house rent paid by John Apa Moses.

Receipt (?) for Wine, Fowl, and Meat (recto); Copying Exercise (verso)

48, "Receipt (?) for Wine, Fowl, and Meat" (Inv. 235 recto)

Scope note: The recto of this fragment is a receipt (?) to Tothami[ ] son of Menas, for foodstuffs including wine, poultry, and meat. The verso ...


49, "Accounts" (Inv 163 recto)

50, "Account" (Inv 163 verso)

Scope note: The recto of this item is the parts of three accounts (in three columns), the middle of which is near-complete. The purpose of the occupation) and a sum in drachmas and obols. The verso is in a different hand and has two columns. This also appears to record payments, with personal names on specified days of an unnamed month


51, "Account"

Scope note: This fragment is in extremely poor condition. If it is a private account, it would seem to describe expenditures mostly for taxes.