List of laborers

102, "List of Laborers"

Scope note: A list of laborers ordered to sow fields of an unnamed landowner. Verso is blank.

List of Names

103, "List of Names"

Scope note: A list of names with occupations. The fragment may or may not have included an column of amounts on the righthand side.

Scope note: The verso of this item seems to be the notes of a poet, in hexameter, prose and trimeter. The recto is a list of clothing.

Account of Wine

105, "Account of Wine"

Scope note: An account of wine. The verso has an address only.

Dionsia to Panechotes

106, "Dionysia to Panechotes"

 Scope note: This is a private letter from a Dionysia to her brother Panechotes. There is news of household repair, a call for supplies, and a r mentioned.

School Exercise

107, "School Exercise / Private Letter"

Scope note: This appears to be the fragments of a private letter. The writing is clumsy. The verso is blank.

Private Letter

108, "Private Letter"

Scope note: A private letter written by a man to his mistress or wife. This is perhaps one of the only true 'love letters' found in the papyri.