School Exercise

60, "School Exercise / Private Letter"

Scope note: This appears to be the fragments of a private letter. The writing is clumsy. The verso is blank.

Receipt (?) for Wine, Fowl, and Meat (recto); Copying Exercise (verso)

61, "Copying Exercise" (Inv. 235 verso)

Scope note: The recto of this fragment is a receipt (?) to Tothami[ ] son of Menas, for foodstuffs including wine, poultry, and meat. The verso

Scope note: This is a relatively well-preserved fragment of Homer. The recto has Il. 13.512-27, and the verso 13.545-60. It appears to be the ...

Homer Commentary: Iliad IX 133-147

63, "Homer Commentary: Iliad IX 133-147"

Scope note: This is a fragment of commentary on Homer, Il. 9.133, 141, and 147. It has been dated to the second century BC and is therefore fai...

Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica II 512-19

64, "Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica II 512-19"

Scope note: This is a fragment of the Argonautica of Apollonius of Rhodes, ln 512-519. The scribe was liberal in his use of diacritical marks.

Andocides,on the Mysteries

65, "Andocides, on the Mysteries"

Scope note: This small fragment appears to be from Andocides, On the Mysteries, 70.

Demosthenes, First philippic

66, "Demosthenes, First Philippic"

 Scope note: This is a fragment of Demosthenes' First Philippic, ten lines each of section 47 and 50-51. There are no substantial variants.

Medical Treatise

67, "Medical Treatise"

 Scope note: This is part of a medical treatise of unknown origin. As the verso is blank, it was probably part of a roll and not a codex.