Account of Various Substances (Food, etc.)

52, "Account of Various Substances (Food, etc.)

Scope note: This is an account of the 18th and 19th of an unnamed month. Payments are made to two individuals. The entries listed are items mo denarii.

Account of Timotheos, Scribe

53, "Account of Timotheos, Scribe"

 Scope note: This is the account of Timotheos, a scribe, for money and grain over four indictions.

Account of Payments

54, "Account of Payments

Scope note: This is the account of payments stated both in nomismata and in denarii. The word katablemata is definitely 'payment', though it ...

Account of Rents (?)

55, "Account of Rents (?)"

Scope note: This may be an account of rents.

Account of Deliveries of Bread

56, "Account of Deliveries of Bread"

Scope note: This is a statement of an account from Rustius (baker) to Dorotheus (scholasticus), of weekly deliveries of bread to different individuals ...




57, "Account"

Scope note: This is a fragment of an account (determined by ginontai in line 13). There are two individuals listed as prisons, though evidently...

List of Articles

58, "List of Articles"

Scope note: This is a list of articles (mostly clothing and household utensils), obtained by lot. This scribe appears practiced, but spells no time.


59, "Inventory"

Scope note: This is an inventory of mostly household utensils, with weights given. With the exception of the gold necklace in lin 16, no mention...