Register of Days and Transactions

85, "Register of Days and Transactions"

Subscriptions of Bouleutai (?)

86, "Subscriptions of Bouleutai (?)"

List of Payments in Kind and Money

87, "List of Payments in Kind and Money"

Receipts of Money

88, "Receipts of Money"

Scope note: The recto has three receipts for payments to Kan(n)ouph( ), ex-numerarius. The verso has a fourth receipt for payments by Kanouph.

List of Payments

89, "List of Payments"

Register of Contracts of Loan (recto); Private Account (verso)

90, "Private Account" (join of Inv. 14+317, verso)

Private Account

91, "Private Account"

 Scope note: This is a private account in the form of a daybook, which lists expenditures from which income has been deducted twice.

Account of payments of Rent

92, "Account of Payments of Rent"

Scope note: An account of rent payments.